May 24, 2023

Set the right rent with Rentometer

Rentometer uses up-to-date rent data from similar properties in your area to provide realistic rental rate projections. RPM professionals set the right rent price for their property by using Rentometer.

Quickly evaluate rent prices in your area

Instantly check rent prices with our QuickView reports, which include:

  • Average and median rent prices
  • Direct link to rent prices in your neighborhood
  • Map of nearby rental comparables available to download


Get the full picture of your rental market

The Rentometer Pro Report provides a detailed analysis or your rental market, including:

  • Rental analysis summary
  • Downloadable rent comps with detailed property reports
  • Public record data for further details on the subject property
  • RPM custom branded rent report


See Rentometer in action 

Watch this video below to see how to best utilize Rentometer when researching rent prices:

Start using Rentometer today

Access our rent analysis and marketing tools with a Pro Standard plan and use your exclusive RPM member discount code for 50% off your first year and 25% off at renewal.


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