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February 13, 2018

With the spring months rapidly approaching, it is time to prepare your rentals for the change in weather. Utilize this season change to take care of maintenance issues, to spruce up your property, and to set yourself up for a profitable year ahead.

Start With A Thorough Inspection

Use the change of the season to schedule a property inspection with your tenants. While stopping by to check up on the property every month is not necessary, you should keep tabs on the condition of the rental at least every six months.

Ask to schedule a time for an inspection with your tenants. Let them know you want to check up on the condition of things so you can schedule maintenance that is needed.

During this inspection take note of a few key items:

●      Does the HVAC system need to be cleaned or air filters changed out?

●      Are the windows all in operating condition with screens in place?

●      Is anything on the property majorly damaged that should be handled right away?

●      Does the gutter system need to be cleared?

While the goal of this inspection is not to make your tenants nervous or to attack them for the condition of the property, you should utilize this as a time to take note of how well they are caring for the property. If you see signs of major damage, it is better to address them now rather than at the end of the lease when things may have worsened.

Schedule Important Maintenance Items

After your inspection, it is time to schedule important maintenance items. The following are common spring maintenance tasks:

●      HVAC inspection: Make sure the air filters are replaced and schedule routine maintenance for the air conditioning system.

●      Roof inspection: During the winter months, snow, ice, and broken tree limbs can cause damage to the roofing and gutter system. Schedule an inspection and any needed maintenance such as cleaning out the gutters.

●      Landscaping: Depending on how much responsibility for the yard falls on your plate versus the tenant’s, get a jump start on the landscaping. Have the yard cleaned up and prepared for the warmer growing season ahead.

Spend Time On Safety

Not only should you inspect the property for damages and maintenance needs, you should also take the time to focus on safety items.

Make sure all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are operating properly and install new batteries.

If your property has fire extinguishers, be sure they are up to date on inspections and functional.

You should also walk the property to look for any other safety concerns such as crumbling sidewalks, damaged staircases, and items that could cause accidents on your property.

By spending some time improving the safety of your property, particularly for multi-unit housing, you can save yourself from potential liability down the road.

Spread Some Springtime Cheer

If you have tenants who have been taking great care of their property, paying rent on time, and overall making your life as a landlord or property manager easy, take the time to thank them.

A simple gift card to a local restaurant and a short thank-you note will go a long way in making good tenants happy.

Not only is spring a great time to drop a quick thank-you to tenants, it is a great time to check-in to see which tenants will be renewing any upcoming leases due to expire. Keeping responsible tenants happy is a profitable investment for your upcoming year.

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