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April 15, 2019
Tagged in: Tips for Renters

It is hard to buy a house by yourself. Even when the prices are down, you might not have enough money saved to buy an apartment. So, most people are looking to rent an apartment.

Whether you are a student in his first year or a freelancer, you need to be a happy tenant. The world is full of good people and also bad ones. You need to discuss all the tenancy conditions to assure that you will be a happy tenant.

Of course, there are aspects you need to take care of during your journey of renting a house.

Before Rental

Decide What You Need

Before looking for the perfect house, you need to organize your thoughts and needs. Because you will need to sign a contract for at least one year of rental, you must think about your future plans.

If you want to start a family, maybe you need an apartment with more rooms and with a school in the nearby area. If you are a student, you might need a small flat near the University. Either way, list some things your new home must have.

Read the Contract

Of course, you will sign a contract where all the responsibilities of each part are listed. Whether you rent the house with the help of an agency or not, you should pay attention to all the agreements. Always read even the small text and ask for clarifications.

During Your Tenancy

Check the Inventory

When you move in, complete the inventory list. Take photos of all the damage that is there before you moved in. Any damage which remains undisclosed will prevent you from getting your deposit back.

As a tip, send your landlord or yourself an email with the videos and photos you made. Like this, you will have a date to refer to.

Pay the Bills

If this is your first time when you rent an apartment, you should not forget that you have to pay the bills. You might get caught in the ups and down of life and you might forget you must do this.

As a tip, choose the option of paying all the bills by direct debit, if possible. Like this, all of the money for your bills will automatically come out of your bank account on a date set by you.

Make It Feel Like Home

Because you will live there for at least one year, you need to personalize the house. Do not forget that your house needs to feel like home, to be that cozy and relaxing place you can always retreat to.

Just because it’s not your name on it, it does not mean that you cannot adapt it according to your needs. After you finish the inventory, you can move the furniture in a way that you like.

Obey the Rules

A little party never killed anybody. More parties for sure have disturbed the neighbors. Obviously, there is no one saying that you should not throw a birthday party.

Everyone needs reasons to celebrate. But, do not push the limits. Remember that there are people who might have a bad sleep because of the noise. And, you also need rest.

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Of course, you can also ask some essay writers to edit and proofread it.

After You Move

Get Your Deposit Back

Do you remember that inventory list you made when you moved in? It will be very helpful at the end of your tenancy. To get your deposit back, you need to hand over the keys of a clean and without damage house. Those pictures or videos might be of great help.

The required notice period

When you decide to move, do not forget to give your landlord the notice period. Check your contract to see which is the one you both have agreed. Of course, if you want to extend the period of your rent, let the landlord know.


Being a tenant is a period in everyone’s life. You might be a student or an employee. Either way, you need to assure that you know what agreement you sign, so read even the small text.

 Make the inventory and some photos or videos to prove the damage that was before. Set a fixed date to pay your bills. Every now in a while, you can throw a party, without disturbing the neighbors.

Keep in touch with your landlord when you want to leave. Make your new house feel like home and you will be a happy tenant.

About the Author: Lauren Adley is a writer and editor at Assignment Holic Service and EssayWritingLab. She is dedicated to her family, work and friends. She is keen on reading, playing the guitar and traveling. She is interested in educational, marketing and blogging issues. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter and Google+. 

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