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April 8, 2019
Tagged in: Tips for Renters

Few people enjoy moving. Leaving your friends and everything you’re familiar with to go to a town where you’re a stranger is something we would all avoid if we could.

Sometimes, moving is necessary, and when you have to, there’s a lot to remember to pack. However, there are some items you’ll have to leave behind, which we look at here.

Dangerous Materials

Most moving companies won’t put any hazardous chemicals or flammable materials on the truck. Fuel, propane tanks, toxic materials won’t be able to go. Also, many movers won’t store guns and ammo on the truck either, so make sure you talk to your moving company about what you can and can’t put on the truck.


In addition to hazardous materials, many moving companies refuse to move food items because such items draw pests like rats and insects. If you have a refrigerator full of food, either pack it in a cooler and take it in your vehicle or get rid of it by donating it to a charity or food pantry.

 Valuables, Money, Electronics

If you have cash, gold, valuable jewelry, legal papers, or expensive electronics, consider taking them with you to ensure their safety. Even if your mover is insured (and most reputable ones are) you can’t replace a sentimental heirloom or priceless antique if it gets lost or damaged during the trip. Also, if you have a computer with all of your personal data, consider taking that with you in your car instead of putting it on the moving van.


Both plants and flowers are usually prohibited on a moving truck, and there are also good reasons you wouldn’t want them there in the first place.

For starters, the temperature in a moving truck isn’t regulated and in many cases, it can be detrimental to your plant. Additionally, the back of a moving van is dark, so your plant will go without light for the duration of the trip.

With flowers, many states have laws about bringing certain species across state lines because of the chance they’ll introduce a pest into the ecosystem. It’s best to check with your moving company and the state you’re moving to regard their rules about moving plants and flowers, or plan on getting new ones when you arrive.


Don’t put your pets on the moving truck. As mentioned above, the back of a moving truck is dark and the temperature isn’t controlled. Imagine how hot the back of a truck gets if you’re moving during the summer. Putting an animal there puts them in danger of becoming sick or dying.

 Things You Can Buy Again

If you have old items like clothes, furniture, appliances, books or knick-knacks, consider either donating them or getting rid of them. The less you have to move, the easier and cheaper it will be. And you can look forward to getting new things to start fresh in your new place once you arrive.

About the Author: Brandon Morris, I’ve lived in the DFW area my entire life where I own North Dallas Moving and Storage.  Currently, live in Denton County with my wife of 12 years & 2 children.  Love to travel, go to my kids sporting events, & festivals with the family.