Services for Landlords & Property Owners

We've gathered some of our favorite real estate blogs, websites, and experts to help you manage your properties better.

Blogs For Landlords & Property Owners

A list of some of our favorite real estate blogs.

Tech and Tools for Landlords to Help Better Manage Rental Properties

Find out how modern technology can help you effectively manage your property even when you’re away.

Top Apps Landlords Should Be Using for Better Property Management

Here are the top apps you should get familiar with in order for your business to thrive.

Real Estate & Finance Podcasts You Should Be Following for Better Property Management

We searched all over the internet to find our favorite podcasts that will help you expand your knowledge in real estate and property management!

Best Tools for Busy But Lazy Professionals Who Operate Rental Housing Businesses

If you are a real estate professional wishing to simplify your working process and increase the amount of free time, check out this list with great tools.

Top Services Every Landlord Should Have in Their Back Pocket

Investing is something many hear about, but few do. Many don't realize is that there is a type of investing where investors can profit during market crashes and yes, even pandemics,— it's called...

Find Potential Investment Property – Without Leaving Your Home

When you are searching for a rental property to buy, there is plenty of legwork to do before you can send out any purchase offers. The good news is that you can do most of this work online!

How Many Property Managers Work From Home – or Still Have a Brick-and-Mortar Office?

As many areas of the country pause or slow down re-opening efforts due to the pandemic, a growing number of businesses have decided to close up their conventional offices and operate with most...

Does Your Accountant Understand Property Investment?

It is crucial to find the right accountant if you're planning to invest in real estate. Hiring a professional will help you to minimize all possible taxes, decrease risk, maximize ROI, and optimize...

A Property Manager's Must-Have Addenda to Lease Agreements

A property manager needs to anticipate how to deal with unforeseen circumstances and shut down any similar future problems in the future. This is where addenda come into play. Here are a few lists...

Why Contactless Rentals are the Future of Real Estate

As the country gradually reopens the economy, industries innovate fast to get back on their feet and survive in the new normal. For those in real estate rentals, deciding the next step for your...

Strategies for Generating Property Management Leads

Generating leads is the key to growing a property management company. Reach the right property owners with these 10 strategies for generating property management leads.

Rentometer Real Estate Investing Roundtable: Meet the Guests

At Rentometer, we wanted to know more as well. We’ve partnered with the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) to bring you a special Virtual Real Estate Roundtable. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Your Property Management Company

Do you want to increase your property management company’s exposure and generate more leads? As a property management company, you can use YouTube to increase your exposure to landlords and...

Important Legal Tips for New Landlords

Being a landlord is about much more than sitting back and collecting rent checks. While it can be a good way to make some money, managing a rental property comes with a lot of responsibility. Here...