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November 20, 2017

Keeping your home energy efficient is of the greatest importance as to reduce extra expenses. Nowadays, there are numerous energy-saving solutions at your disposal.

These solutions will make sure that everything in your home, from a simple light bulb to electricity, is operating in the best possible way, while wasting less energy. All these solutions, especially energy-effective appliances, will not only enhance the quality of life in your home, but they will also give a brand new look to your residence.

Here are the most trending solutions for your home that you won’t regret trying:

A Smart Thermostat

Since this is the era of smart appliances, there are many smart gadgets you really ought to try. In case your home has an energy-effective HVAC system, get a smart thermostat. By installing this handy little widget, it will keep track of your habits using temperature sensors. In other words, it can set the temperature of heating or air condition automatically, thus preserving electrical energy. This can definitely come in handy because you can conveniently control the thermostat online if you forget to set it at home. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Water Saving Showerheads

Another really smart upgrade concerns your bathroom, i.e. showerhead upgrade. Much energy, as well as water, goes to waste when using an impractical showerhead. To prevent losing more than 8 gallons in a minute, it would be wise to install a low-flow showerhead. As a result, you can significantly reduce the water loss and the best thing is this won't interfere with showerhead’s performance. There are many models to choose from, from the regular, stationary or hand-held models. Any model you choose is a smart move to save energy.

Tankless Water Heaters

 As we have already concluded, a water loss means an energy loss. When it comes to supplying your home with hot water, this can also be an expensive problem. Our regular hot water systems are equipped with a tank that stores water. Sometimes the heated water goes to waste. Setting up a tankless water heater is a practical way of preserving water. This water heater will supply you with hot water, but only when you need it, at your request. Not only does tankless water heater save on water bills, but it lasts a long time.

Energy-Effective Window Solutions

If you are looking to improve insulation and maintain your home’s temperature, give a thought to installing exterior storm windows with low e-coating. The estimated saved energy goes over thirty percent annually because this coating enhances the windows’ insulation ability. Many homeowners turn to window tinting as a way to reduce the home’s temperature. Before you take action, consult window tint professionals  who will advise about your best options. Along with regular window films and tints, some experts consider smart glass, that easily from converts from the clear glass into the opaque panel, as a way of energy saving in the future.

Lighting Solutions

The easiest way to cut your electrical bill in half is by replacing all the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Believe it or not, most of the energy wasted in your home is due to the inefficient energy-conserving bulbs. On the other hand, LED lighting is a long-lasting solution because they use less energy than incandescent bulbs. In addition to changing the lighting in the home, give a thought to purchasing a smart lighting system that will lower the energy consumption. Moreover, with the motion sensors and dimmer switches, you can set a cozy ambiance right in your home.

A Solar Roof Solution

Consider getting the most out of the renewable energy. Sunlight is the purest energy source that we really ought to profit from because it is free. In addition to being free, solar energy is eco-friendly. Find an online tutorial on how to make solar panels or invest in a model that will pay off in the future. Modern solar roofs are designed to fit your rooftops with style. Some models are more costly than others, such as Tesla solar roof. However, there are many cheaper models to choose from that can serve their purpose and save precious energy in your home.

Make Yourself at Home in an Efficient Home

Energy conservation in your home should be on your must-do list. We often take energy for granted, not thinking about how its unreasonable overconsumption can affect our wallet and eventually our environment. However, with these simple solutions, you can have a smart start with a smart thermostat. A new water heater or a new water showerhead is a practical water-saving idea. Furthermore, energy-effective window or lighting solutions contribute to the home’s brighter ambiance and functionality. A solar roof is a smart investment in the long run. So, make yourself at home in an energy efficient home.

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