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October 30, 2017

For real estate professionals, there is a lot of great apps available out there. They allow to manage the journey of their customers digitally by automating and making everything more efficient. As the result, the time-consuming process of rental business is simplified to provide more time for other important errands. Property management, payment collection, order tracking, and many other helpful functions are available.

If you are a real estate professional wishing to simplify your working process and increase the amount of free time, check out this list with great tools.

1. Happy Inspector

Property inspection app for those who don’t want to simplify this task and never experience the slow performance of web-based applications when working on the site. It is a native solution that provides the following features.


  • Inspections and reports are backed up automatically
  • Any team member can edit form on the web using the cloud service
  • Future inspections can be scheduled
  • 100% online functionality
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Comments and snaptext
  • Digital signatures
  • Capturing of up to 16 inline photos per property inspected
  • Great customization options for reports (logo, photos, details, layouts)

Free Trial

  • Free 14-day trial

2. Rent Tracker

According to the developers of this app, it is number one property management app on both Google Play and App Store. Indeed, it is one of the simplest one we’ve come across so far, which is great considering the amount of information it has to deal with. For example, the app can track all your financials and contact database as a landlord or an apartment manager.


  • Organization of tenant and contractor information
  • Rent payment
  • Financial reports
  • Support of multiple owners
  • Late tenant list
  • Tenant and vendor contact management
  • Renovation expenses
  • Track lease expirations
  • Tenant tracking
  • Building information
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Cloud app for iOS and Android

Free trial

  • The first three records of tenants are free. Each next one will cost $1.

3. Landlord Studio

One of the best examples of a DIY landlord app on the market. Available on every device this is the perfect solution for busy landlords with one or many properties. It allows you to enter and organize all the relevant data for managing your property such as income, expenses, tenant details, lease information etc. Plus it offers advanced reporting as well as various time-saving automations.


  • Track and categorize rental income and expenses.

  • Connect your bank account to reconcile income and expenses.

  • Easy access to all property details such as rent due date and tenants contact information.

  • Intuitive dashboard.

  • Email and SMS from the app.

  • Generate advanced reports.

  • Export reports as CSV files or PDFs.

  • Tenant screening.

  • Cashflow bar graph.

  • Document storage.

  • Digitize receipts.

  • Set automated rent reminders.

  • Available for iOS, Android and Desktop.

Free Trial

  • Free 30 day Trial

4. Homestyler

With the apps listed above focused more on the business side of rental housing business, this one helps you to make the right property choices to attract more clients. Thanks to Homestyler, you can forget about guesswork when you renovate a property for lease or sale. Using the app is very simple: just take a photo of an interior about to be renovated and apply the features that allow to see how it would look with different design elements.


  • Quality 3D models of real interiors
  • Previews of custom interiors
  • Advice from professional designers
  • Design sharing option
  • Portfolio pages of local designers
  • Available for Android and iOS

Free Trial

  • Free

5. Pay By Group

This is an app for collecting payment from tenants and multi-tenant locations. With Pay By Group, a landlord can see how much money was paid by each individual tenant, which is really convenient. The group payment option made it really popular among companies such as essay writing services that need to collect money from many clients.

The app also features contact information of tenants, so you can call them, text them, or send them an email in case there is a problem with the payment. Another great advantage of Pay By Group is that it eliminates the need to deal with middlemen when handling payments.


  • Accept payments from individuals and groups
  • Customizable enterprise solutions
  • PCI compliance and bank-grade security
  • Deposits

Free Trial

  • Demo available (free version allows 100 transactions per month).

Use these tools to work smarter and more efficiently as a landlord. Each of them gives a unique advantage to your business by allowing you to automate daily processes. Payment, tenant management, promotion, rent tracking, financial reporting, property inspections – everything you need to excel in this business, made easy.

About Author: Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works at Awriter.  He has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals.

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