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August 21, 2017

top mobile apps for landlords

Top Apps Landlords Should Be Using for Better Property Management

Updated July 29, 2021

For almost every job, there is a wealth of apps available to help make your endeavors easier, quicker, and more efficient. As a landlord, you’re a business owner, so anything that can make your life easier is essential. Here are the top apps you should get familiar with in order for your business to thrive.

Getting Connected

To manage a rental property using web-connected apps, you’ll want a strong internet connection with at least 10 Mbps of bandwidth. Keeping a consistent connection to your tenants will help them feel secure, and your rental will stand out from the crowd through your impeccable management.



RentDrop is a one-stop solution that allows you to collect rent and deposits from a single platform. With customized payment options and payments deposited directly into your account, it is the perfect way to manage your properties. Landlords can even set up late fees on your rent.

RentDrop's app will help you manage multiple properties with ease using in-app and email notifications. The dashboard helps you manage payment status and occupancy across your properties. RentDrop also offers multiple payment options for your tenants. 

App: Coming Soon!




RentRedi is a mobile-first property management software. We offer easy-to-use mobile technology with a feature for every step of the landlord process. Collect mobile rent payments, e-sign leases, list properties to Realtor.com and Doorsteps, tenant-paid background checks, and get 24/7 maintenance services.

RentRedi helps landlords to do it all while also saving them money and time. As landlords scale their rental portfolio, they can stop worrying about unexpected expenses, hidden fees, losing tenants, and using multiple tools to manage their business. RentRedi allows landlords to manage unlimited properties from anywhere—with one flat rate—and access to 5-star customer service. 

Download: Apple | Android


If your rental property is fully furnished, you’ve made an investment into your property that becomes difficult to track. When a tenant moves in and mixes their belongings with your furniture and home goods, you risk losing some of your stuff when people pack up and move out (even if your tenant has good intentions).

Sortly is an organizational tool to log all the furnishings in your rental property, along with their estimated value. It’s a great tool for confirming your property when tenants transition in and out, freeing you from memorizing your property. It’s also an extremely valuable inventory if there’s a fire or flood since you’ll have an exact estimate of your losses for insurance claims.

Download for: Android | Apple


Keeping a careful record of every rent transaction, lease agreement, complaint, maintenance issue, and work order is mission-critical for anyone renting a property out. However, the torrent of paperwork can be a serious time sink, especially if you have multiple tenants or short-term sublet arrangements. Luckily, there’s always an app to help you stay organized.

Scannable stands out as one of the best apps for using your smartphone camera to capture and store physical documents. The app comes from the same people that designed the award-winning Evernote app, and Scannable integrates perfectly with Evernote’s powerful organizational tools. Once your documents are digitized, it’s easy to store them in the cloud with web apps like Google Drive, ensuring you’ll have access to them in almost any circumstance.

Download for: Apple


This app is meant to help you keep track of everything involving your different properties all in one place. MobileLandlord allows you to make up to five property profiles, and it is very user-friendly. You can also set up reminders in the app that help you stay on top of renewals, permits, etc.

Download: Apple | Google Play


Zuby is the perfect property management app for DIY landlords, helping them save time and money managing their rental properties. Landlords use Zuby's intuitive, easy-to-use platform to collect rent, screen tenants, create leases, order maintenance pros, see summarized lease info, upload important documents, and stay better organized overall.

Zuby is free to use for both landlords and renters.

Download for: Apple | Android 

Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is a property management app built by landlords for landlords. It is the perfect solution for those that need to manage just one or multiple properties as it allows you to keep track of rent payments and expenses, generate professional reports for your accountant, store documents, digitize receipts, and even automate time-consuming tasks. Plus they have a clean, easy-to-use dashboard that gives you an easy-to-understand financial overview at a glance.

Download for: Apple | Android | or sign up on Desktop.


The new Buildium app is faster, sleeker, and easier to use than ever before. Designed with property managers in mind, the app puts the power of the property management industry-leading software at your fingertips — no matter where you are! 

Key features include:

- Manage tasks and work orders

- Receive resident payments on-the-go

- View property information

- View tenant, owner, and vendor information

- Call, text, or email contacts from your iPhone

- Locate and get directions to properties using maps

- Add photos quickly with your phone’s camera

Download for:  Apple | Google Play



Want to make paying rent as easy as 1, 2, 3 for your tenants? Use RentTracker and have them sign up. They will be able to pay their rent on time and receive a receipt all without you doing anything. Your tenants will never be able to claim they couldn’t get to your office the day rent was due again, as Rent Tracker is available on a variety of platforms and devices.

Download for:  Apple | Google Play



Property management app for landlords in the smartphone world. Integrated with iPhone/iPad camera, email and messaging features, Landlordy helps you be a better-organized landlord.

Download for: Apple



Homesnap is powered by the same real-time MLS listings which the majority of real estate agents use. In addition, the app helps users identify homes with investment potential and properties with pricing that could make a good flip for the savvy investor. Great way to instantly get valuable information on the properties available in necessary areas whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Download for: Apple | Google Play


Sometimes you feel overloaded with your work and you wish you had a personal assistant. Reality is that not everyone can afford a real person to help. But don’t get upset, there are many personal assistant apps on the market. One of them is 24Me, a great app if you are running your business. It has an intelligent system for taking your notes and to-do lists. It generates your daily tasks and events and completes them for you with a tap of a button.  By using advanced technology, 24me redefines productivity and gives you heads up about everything that takes place in your day, tells you about what’s coming up next and automatically takes care of things for you - just like a real Personal Assistant would do.

Download for: Apple | Google Play



If you love working with a notebook, there is a great solution for you: Paper by FiftyThree Inc. It gives you tools to work with: a blank canvas, the ability to create endless sketchbooks to store, the ability to create different file diagrams, doodles and ideas. Easy to use on the go, as well as work somewhere in a quiet place. Fun and creative. Keeps all your ideas organized in one place. You can use it for free with your fingers. But if you are a kind of a pencil person, they have it as well on the app, but it costs some money.

Download for: Apple



Houzz has everything for home improvement or remodeling. You can browse thousands of different ideas by style, room and location, save and share them. Also, Houzz gives an opportunity to connect with people and look for products you need to make your project from a sketch to reality. Easy to use design looks pleasant and navigation is seamless.

Download for: Apple | Google Play


TenantCloud.com cloud-based app is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use. With TenantCloud mobile app users can manage all aspects of the property from adding units and tenants to paying rent online, screening applicants, keeping track of invoices, utility bills, and all other payments. It also gives both landlords and property managers an opportunity to easily accept and assign work orders on the go.

Download for: Apple | Google Play


Connect with local professionals for any project on your to-do list with Thumbtack. Get prices, read reviews, message pros, and hire your favorite directly from the app. Instead of spending hours researching businesses and calling around for estimates, Thumbtack does the work for you. Find contractors, cleaners, wedding photographers, and much more.

Download for: Apple


Tellus is a free mobile platform for real estate, including a high-yield cash account, complete property management, and mobile-first investing. What makes them special for landlords is that they offer a stress-free solution to managing properties. Tellus is entirely free and has features such as tenant screenings, rental listing assistance, landlord-tenant chatrooms, online rent collection, and much more. Landlords can also easily apply for a cash-out refinance through the app and get approved without even a credit check as long as they have been collecting rent through our platform.

Download: Apple | Google Play

There's an App for It

With millions of apps available on iOS and Android devices, there's an app for just about anything to make your life as a landlord easier. Whenever you find yourself wondering if there is an easier way to manage the tasks of being a landlord, especially administrative ones, search for it in the App or Play Store. You will likely find something that will not only make you like managing your properties better but make it much faster to do so.


This article was written by the Rentometer Content Team. The Rentometer Blog features fresh takes and insights on rental housing topics, services, and technology.