Tenant Screening

The Tenant Screening Resource Center is designed to help landlords and property managers understand the current tenant screening options and help you find the best information available so that you can make informed rental decisions.

Should Landlords Get Personal References From Rental Applicants?

When it comes to a rental application, landlords want to know as much as they can about the person that will be occupying their property.

The 5 Steps of Tenant Screening

I always say that "95% of your tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process." If you're like me, you probably find it difficult to relax when you have vacancies...

The Landlord Guide to Tenant Screening

Here are five essential steps that will guide you safely through filling your vacant rental with tenants you can trust.

Tenant Screening: The Key to a Profitable Investment

A credible background check by a reputable company could be the most important decision a landlord can make during the entire applicant screening process.

Want To Keep Good Tenants? Here’s How!

What is the secret to retaining long term renters? The answer lies in a variety of important tips. The following are the best ways to ensure you keep happy, responsible tenants.

Can Landlords Screen Renters by Income and Credit Score?

Read on for tips to make sure you’re not getting the runaround from potential landlords.

Myths and Facts about Criminal Records

Here are some common myths about criminal records.

What Makes An Ideal Tenant? A Landlord's Perspective

Finding ideal tenants is one of the essential parts of a landlord or property manager's job. A bad tenant can be a drain on all resources – your time, money, patience, and even the goodwill and...

The Most Common Tenant Screening Mistakes

Some of the following common mistakes made in the tenant screening process can cause your screening process to fail.

Top Benefits of Online Tenant Screening

Our friends over at SmartMove have put together 11 benefits of online screening to help manage your tenant risk.

Screening Tenants With Alternate Data

If you are new to real estate investing then I am about to save you years of heartache and pain.

4 Questions to Ask Tenant References

The landlord reference check is a crucial step that you should never skip in your search for great tenants. We've all been deep into tenant screening and thought we found the right renters, but...

4 Effective Ways To Attract More Applicants

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out these four effective methods for attracting more applicants.

How to Review a Lease with Tenants the Right Way

One of the best ways to make sure tenants understand a lease is to sit down with them and go through it page by page. This is what is commonly referred to as a "lease review." Here are the 7 steps...

Leaving Tenant Screening to the Pros

The following are the reasons you should leave tenant screening to the pros and utilize a professional tenant screening tool when finding your next renter.

Questions to Ask During a Potential Tenant Interview

The following are seven questions you should ask before you move a tenant on for further screening.

The Purpose of Tenant Screening & Understanding the 3 Types of Resident Screening

Tenant screening helps you assess your perspective renters ability and willingness to pay the rent, do they have the income and employment to afford rent, do they have a track record of paying rent...

Tips For Managing Tenant Turnover

Check out our five easy tips for managing tenant turnover during your busy seasons.

5 Tips For Finding The Right Tenant

Check out these five quick tips for finding the right tenant for your property.

How To Improve The Rental Application Process

The following are the top four reasons your application process is turning away potential tenants.

Which Traits to Look for in a Potential Tenant?

Renting out a property is a great way to reduce its overhead and even create an additional stream of revenue, however, if you can’t recognize a bad tenant, you are in for a whole world of trouble.

Key Traits and Personalities of the Perfect Tenant

Finding the perfect tenant is like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes. With so many people looking for rentals these days, it can seem like everyone is a good fit for your property.

Myths and Facts about Eviction Records

Test your knowledge by reading below and see if you can spot something new. You might be surprised.

5 Simple Steps to Choosing Right Tenants

Choosing the right tenants for your rental property involves more than just picking the person who looks good on paper.

What Questions Do You Ask When Getting A Reference for a Potential Tenant?

Effective tenant screening is a crucial part of the process, and one piece of that screening pie is the references you get from a tenant’s previous landlords. Here are 12 questions you should be...

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Tenant-Landlord Relationship

You need to understand the healthy boundaries and obligations of a tenant-landlord relationship. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The lines between the landlord and the renter often...

3 Reasons for Screening Potential Tenants

Tenant screening is not only a good business practice but a necessary one. 

How to Handle a Hoarding Tenant

Hoarding is a serious mental disorder, and when your tenant starts showing signs, it can be equally as hard to be understanding while keeping your tenant and the rest of your local community safe.

How To Reject Or Accept Applicants

If you are uncertain of how to reject or accept applicants, read on for tips on the best way to handle the screening process.

Tips for Attracting More Applicants

Though it is obvious you want to attract as many qualified applicants as possible, it is not always easy to know how to attract applicants. The following are six tips for improving the number of...

4 Tips For Attracting Qualified Tenants

How do you go about attracting qualified tenants? Check out these top tips for finding the right renter for your property.

Types of Tenants You Will Deal With As a Landlord

You can never fully predict what a tenant will be like before you rent to them. But you can gain a better understanding of how tenants react. Check out these four common tenant types you might...