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February 20, 2018
Tagged in: Tenant Screening

Finding the perfect tenant is like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes. With so many people looking for rentals these days, it can seem like everyone is a good fit for your property. That’s usually not the case, though. Many tenants can give off a first good impression but end up being a nightmare once they move their stuff into your property.

How to Find the Perfect Tenant

The best way to find the perfect tenant is to look for these key traits.

Responds to Questions Well

When you first meet possible renters, don’t be afraid to ask some questions. The answers are necessarily as important as how people answer them. If you sense the person is lying, that’s not a good sign of a perfect tenant. Someone who isn’t lying will be calm, open, and immediate in their responses. If you see the person blinking a lot, shuffling, or avoiding conversation, that’s a sign you may need to move on to the next person.

Keeps Appointments

As you get ready to rent the property to someone, schedule a couple of appointments. This is more of a test than anything. People who show up prepared and on time for appointments are usually good about keeping their living space well-kept and pay their bills on time.

Clean and Well Dressed

Outward appearances are everything, especially when you’re looking for a renter. If someone is clean and well dressed, you know he/she takes care of him/herself, so in turn, will take care of your property. If the person isn’t clean or well-dressed, you have to wonder what kind of living environment he/she will keep.

Other Ways to Determine If Someone Is the Perfect Tenant

Besides looking at the person and hearing what the person has to say to you, there are other ways to learn more about a possible tenant.

Ask for Documentation

Start with documentation the renter can afford the monthly rent. This will save you from chasing the person every month for payment. You can ask for a bank statement or a letter from the bank stating that the person has the funds available.

Do Credit and Criminal Background Checks

If the person agrees, you can search a person’s credit and criminal history online. All you need is a social security number for the credit history check. Some people may not be open to this, so you’ll have to consider how important this information is to you.

The credit check can confirm if the person is responsible for paying bills. The criminal background check will tell you if the person has a history of breaking the law. Since history tends to repeat itself, this can be great information in helping find the perfect tenant.

Ask for References

References can also help you identify the perfect tenant. Calling around to other landlords or people who work or know the tenant can give you an idea of the kind of person you may be allowed to move into your rental.

You can gather references in one of two ways. You can ask for the phone number of people who you can call, or you can ask for letters. Letters are easy to fabricate, so calls are usually better.

Always Go with Your Gut

Your gut is smart, so go with it. If you just don’t feel like someone is a good fit, don’t choose that person. This intuitive information can take you a long way in the search for the perfect tenant.

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