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September 12, 2016
Tagged in: Tenant Screening

Historically, independent landlords didn’t have access to credit-based decision making tools in the rental screening space.  However, with SmartMove online tenant screening, individuals who have not traditionally had access to credit-based tools now can have an applicant push their data, such as credit and criminal reports, through TransUnion in a secure, reliable way and receive the results very quickly.

SmartMove combines the powerful data and analytics of TransUnion to supply independent landlords with a convenient and reliable tenant screening service. Landlords get all of the necessary information to make more informed screening decisions in less time, including a leasing recommendation.

The main objective of screening a potential tenant is to increase a landlord’s ability to find reliable, profitable tenants.  A thorough screening of a rental applicant provides a clear view of a renter’s background and allows landlords to assess possible risks taking by renting to them.

Our friends over at SmartMove have put together 11 benefits of online screening to help manage your tenant risk.

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