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April 2, 2018

Owning your own apartment is always better than renting it, but not everyone is lucky enough to be in that situation, which is why a rental is their only chance of having a home. Of course, this doesn’t have to be that bad at all, especially if you personalize your rental and really make it your own. The easiest way to do so is by focusing on the décor, so here are a few ideas that might help you touch-up your rental through the amazing power of decoration.

New Curtains

This could be the simplest idea in the world, but it’s still more effective than most people realize – a colorful curtain will add a whole new dimension to your apartment and make it really stand out. That’s a thing your visitors are going to notice the moment they step through the door, and you too will certainly start appreciating the effect your new curtains bring to the table quite soon after that. However, not just any curtain will do, so its fabric, color, pattern and length are just some of the things you need to pay attention to when purchasing one.

New Paintjob

Since a rental apartment isn’t your property per se, you should first clear every intervention and renovation with your landlords, but they’ll probably have nothing against a paintjob every once in a while. After all, this is good for all parties concern, and a simple change of colors can turn your old and boring apartment into an exciting space. All you have to do is pick vibrant and shiny colors that will introduce something fresh into your life, gather a couple of friends who know how to handle a paintbrush, and you’ll be done in a day or two.

New Focal Point

A purpose of focal points is to help you accentuate the most prominent features of your apartment and most people opt for directing their attention to fireplaces, wide-screen TVs or even exotic coffee tables. However, going in a different direction and picking something less obvious is ultimately a much better idea, which is why an intriguing replica egg chair might be the way to go. This unusual piece of furniture is retro and chic at the same time, not to mention cozy and comfortable, and you can always take it with you if you ever have to look for a different rental!

New Lighting Options

This is another issue you need to consult your landlord, but a few lamps and some LED light bulbs never hurt nobody. Introducing new light sources all around the place can make it more interesting and help you emphasize certain parts of your rental that would normally go unnoticed. In the end, if your landlord is supercool, you can even install a giant chandelier and thus bring a whole new level of elegance into your living room.

New Furniture Arrangement

Rental apartments usually don’t come with a ton of furniture, but tenants have to purchase a few things on their own, which means there are tons of different combinations and ideas you can explore when furnishing your apartment.

Moving the furniture into a new home might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s still one of the most thrilling and interesting feelings ever, so pay special attention to your furniture and arrange it properly because this will define your apartment and its flow. Should you realize you don’t like your current layout, you can change it as often as you want, and keep moving your furniture around until you’ve reached an arrangement you’re satisfied with.

No matter how much you love your apartment, you should never forget that it’s still just a rental, which is why you can’t do whatever you want. However, certain changes and improvements are always welcomed and your landlords will surely be happy to realize you’re taking such a good care of their place, but also consider it your own home.

Author Bio: Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing, based in Sydney. He’s interested in business and home decor. In order to spend more time with his family, Cooper decided to take a break, and he’s currently working from home as a blogger and a business consultant.

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