Property Maintenance & Renovations

This resource page is here to give you all kinds of helpful information on the best way to maintain your property.

How to Maximize Your Rental Income with Renovation and Decoration

Dealing with rental properties, just like any other business, requires some investment, as well as a few bold moves on your part. However, to maximize your rental income, you’ll need to create a...

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Following these steps will ensure the best quality air in your home and will help prevent the conditions that can promote mold.

My Tenant Damaged My Property. How Do I Resolve This Issue?

When a tenant damages your property, you are dealing with one of two situations.

Rental Property Maintenance: Landlords or Tenants Responsibility?

Here is a quick guide that will help you discern between landlord or tenant responsibilities in a rental property.

5 Green Innovations That Will Save You And Your Renters Money

We've all heard about home upgrades that improve the environment while saving money. Here are a few enhancements that are making a difference for homeowners and renters.

The 5 Essential Investments to Include Before Renting

Are you looking to get your property rental-ready? With just a few updates, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) and avoid costly liability issues, maintenance, or grievances down the...

When Is Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Property a Sound Investment?

Having our own swimming pool in the backyard is more than a childhood dream. It’s a landscaping feature and a stylish add-on to your home.

Understanding Rental Property Maintenance: Complete Checklist

Having a property can be a profitable business. However, in order to be successful, the landlord has certain responsibilities that should be performed on a regular basis, including maintenance...

5 Things Homeowners Do That Damage Their Property

To help you avoid these problems, we have created a list of the five most common ways homeowners are causing damage to their properties. So, let’s check them out.

How Can Investors Reduce Their Tenants' Utility Expenses?

When you're in charge of a rental property or community, much of what you do every day focuses on making your tenants happy. Impressing current tenants retains long-term renters and pull in...

4 Profitable Services You Can Offer Your Tenants

Not only do these smart home technologies give you the chance to save money and protect your property, but they help attract new, tech-savvy renters.

Home Improvement Advice for Landlords and Property Managers

While your property may increase in value over time, the rental building on it will deteriorate. To be able to keep your tenants satisfied and increase the value of your property, you should...

5 Decor Ideas to Turn a Rental into a Home

The easiest way to do so is by focusing on the décor, so here are a few ideas that might help you touch-up your rental through the amazing power of decoration.

What Your Tenants Need to Know about Utilities in a Deregulated State

If your property is in a state where electricity or gas is deregulated, one of the best ways to help your new renters as they’re settling in is to give them a crash course on how to set up utilities.

What Makes for a Truly Energy-Efficient Rental

With the following tips, you’ll get easy ways of being more energy-savvy, cutting costs and utility bills.

Maximize Space In Your Properties For Your Tenants To Truly Enjoy It

In this article we'll highlight some of the best ways for you to make your current space appear larger and more attractive, thus increasing your revenue.

How to Navigate Electrical Repairs With Your Tenants

To make a property habitable and safe, the owner is responsible for the maintenance of plumbing, sewer, gas, and electrical systems.

Top Renovation Tips to Maximize Your Rental Appeal

Renters often wish to renovate their temporary homes and rental owners usually give them permission to do so because they too can benefit from the updates.

Which Rooms Increase the ‘Rent-abilty’ of Your Property?

Making your home as aesthetically attractive to new tenants is seen as the most important aspect of enticing potential renters.

4 Safety Upgrades for the Outside of Your Property

A few simple upgrades and tech tools in your outdoor space can help you avoid these costs and prepare to show your property to prospective tenants this fall.

Remodels That Increase Your Properties Value

There are plenty of steps you can take toward boosting the price of your home. Before sticking the sale sign in your front lawn, go ahead and read the tips below. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful...

The Top Features Your Renters Want

Investing in new features for your rental property can help increase the number of applicants interested.

7 Things Tenants are Responsible for When it Comes to Maintenance

As landlords and property managers you have many things you are responsible for when it comes to your property.

Dump Your Old Thermostat for a New Smart Thermostat for Your Rental Property

The popularity of Smart thermostats can’t be explained any better by the huge market that is expected to hit the $6bn mark by 2020. But a lot of people are still asking, is a Smart thermostat a...

Enhance Curb Appeal to Increase Your Rental Value

Take a good look at your front yard and property overall – what is it that makes it stand out in the neighborhood? Does it have anything that draws attention?

Smart Storage Ideas for Rental Homes

We’ve decided to help you out and prepared a list of some interesting smart storage ideas for you to take a look at.

Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Rental

Most landlords focus mainly on sprucing up the interior and forget just how much of an advantage great exterior and curb appeal can provide over the competition and attract the right tenants.

Want to Make More? Look at Your Parking Lot!

Upon arrival at their destination, the average driver will spend up to 37 minutes looking for the perfect parking spot. Okay, that is a totally made-up statistic, but we've all been there. It's not...

Advantages of Renting or Buying Your HVAC Equipment for Your Property

Your HVAC system is one of those more significant components essential to the effective upkeep of your rental property.

When The Time Comes To Renovate Your Rental Property

Even if you have open minded landlords who will allow you to make bigger changes it’s never a good idea to invest too much into a property that will never be yours. Here are some ideas to keep both...

Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Rental Kitchens

If you have stumbled upon a great rental opportunity, you should go for it, even if it has a small kitchen.

Landlord-Friendly Apartment Decorating Ideas

Here to help you maintain your status as the perfect long-term tenant are some of the best landlord-friendly apartment decorating ideas you’re going to love.

Design Factors to Consider When Renovating an Apartment

If you have one or more apartments to renovate, think carefully as you make your plans. You want renovations that make apartments look attractive to potential renters or buyers. That means making...

How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Rental

Choosing the best windows to fit to your rental property is not easy, as there are dozens of different styles, configurations and models to pick from and they all have significant differences in...

Roofing Maintenance Guide for Landlords

The reason why roofing maintenance is so important is due to the fact that nothing impacts the overall value of the real estate quite like the state that your roof is in.

6 Tips for Managing the Interior of Your Rental in the Fall

If you are renting at the moment, here are some useful tips that can help you adjust your space and prepare yourself for months to come.

How to Increase Storage Options in Small Rental Properties

The key to any rental update is ensuring it has a long-lasting value for residents and will remain practical long after fads cycle out. Luckily, storage is unlikely to fall out of favor any time...

Furnished Vs. Unfurnished – A Choice for Landlords

One of the biggest debates with landlords is whether to go with furnished rental apartment or not. There are various benefits that come from leasing a fully furnished apartment to your tenants, but...

Landlords’ and Tenants’ Responsibilities to Structural and Exterior Repairs

Creating comfortable living conditions in a rental property requires joint efforts of both tenants and landlords.

How to Properly Tenant-Proof Your Rental

Sometimes, the tenant simply clicks with the landlord and everyone lives happily ever after. Most of the time, the war between these two parties rages from the moment they sign the lease to the...

4 Rental Property Projects to Tackle This Summer

In this article, we will review the four property improvement projects you should plan on tackling first, as well as the reasons why you should renovate your rental property.

10 Things You Should Know About Water Damage Repair

Water can get in everywhere in your property when your area has been subjected to a storm or a hurricane. Water getting into your property is troublesome and causes damage.

Planning for Unexpected Costs in New Apartment Construction

If you are an owner, or part owner, of an apartment complex currently being built, it’s likely that you’ll run into unexpected costs.

Holiday Items That Might Damage Your Rental

Here are three examples of seasonal decorations that might damage a rental.

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Investment Property and Attract Renters

When it comes to renovating investment properties, it’s vital to keep the renter in mind and stick to your rehab budget. One way to do this is to make minor cosmetic updates that can make a...

Should You Invest in Smart Doorbell Technology for Your Rental Property?

Are you planning about incorporating smart home technology to your rental property to make it stand out?

Eco-Friendly Upgrades to Green Up Your Rental

In this age of eco-friendliness, more and more rentals are becoming environmentally-aware, and that’s a decisive factor for lots of new tenants who love being surrounded by green things and...

Ways to Keep Your Rental Renovation Project on Budget

If you’re looking forward to saving some money, but are still unsure how to do so, here are a couple of ideas that will surely help you keep your rental renovation project on budget.

Committing To An Environmentally Friendly Rental

The following are easy, actionable items that you can implement in 2019 to become a more environmentally friendly landlord.

How To Create a Stress-Free Atmosphere In Your Rental Property

Creating a Zen-inspired interior in your rental property will not only make it a more successful business for you but also you will help your future guests achieve their inner peace in a...

What is the Best Flooring For Rental Properties?

Choosing the right flooring will mean your tenants are happier and they will continue to renew the lease year after year.

Fix Up Your Rental Property's Exterior for a Fast Renting

If you want to quickly fix up your property so that you can rent it really soon, here's how you can improve the exterior.

How to Create A Preventive Maintenance Schedule

While performing preventive maintenance might feel like spending money every month for little return, that small monthly investment is staving off a very expensive replacement. It’s also keeping...

Landlord’s 5 Must-Have Service Providers To Have On Speed Dial

Being a landlord isn’t all about collecting the rent.  It’s about fixing the pipe, shoveling the walk, stopping the rodents, etc.  You need a small army of trusted, go-to service providers in your...

Plumbing Issues With Older Homes That Can Decrease The Value of Your Property

Plumbing problems are not a rare case when it comes to older houses, and if your house is few decades or older, it is more likely that you will encounter a problem, so here are a few things to pay...

Property Equipment to Invest in to Reduce Your Overhead

The right tools and equipment help achieve both. Residents expect a well-maintained, attractive living environment, and one key is having quality tools and equipment on site to complete repairs,...

Should I Switch My Unit's Heat? Gas vs. Oil vs. Renewable Energy

As winter achieves its full blast potential, you will see heating bills start to climb. They do every year. This year, though, perhaps you’re considering making a change to the heating system of...

Rental Home Improvements: Alternative Funding Options

If your rental property is in desperate need of an upgrade, but funds are low, you can’t just scrap the project.

Five Tips for Cleaning and Improvements Between Renters

Here are five tips for cleaning and improvements while you are between renters.

7 Laws for the Most Beautiful Luxury Apartments

Let’s review these laws and see what you should consider before designing or renovating your luxury apartment.

Why You Should Replace Your Rental's Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors may not seem like an important part of your rental, but when you really think about, they are. Consider how often tenants use them in the winter when heating their home with the...

Water Damage Tips and Tricks to Help Landlords

How can you protect yourself from costly water damage repairs, and what should you do when a water damage event happens? Here are some handy tips to help you out.

Your Rental Include a Garage? 8 Pro Tips Make Better Use of An Old Garage

Whether you’re you need tips for a complete garage conversion, or just want some organizational ideas and inspiration, we have eight of the best ideas for your rental garage.

How to Decorate Your Apartment to Rent It Faster

Decorating your apartment and making it more appealing is the oldest trick in the book and it will surely help you rent it faster, so here are a couple of decorating tips you need to take into...

5 Important Property Upgrades That Maximize Your Property’s Rent Rate

We will cover the top 5 upgrades renters are looking for in a rental property and are willing to stretch their budget to get.

Common Air Conditioning Problems & How To Prevent Costly Repairs

Here are some common air conditioning problems, and tips on how to prevent (sometimes) unnecessary repairs which can turn out to be costly:

Easy House Improvements to Help You Find Tenants

Renting your house isn’t as easy as people generally think and you can never know what your tenants are going to be like.

Optimize Your Property: What Renters with Deep Pockets Want to See

Having a second home in your property portfolio can be a great investment, provided you have the means to take care of the upkeep costs and taxes that go with it.

5 Garage Upgrades for Your Late-Summer To-Do List

Summer is a great time to upgrade the garage of your rental property, after a long season of wear and tear. Luckily, many garage upgrades can be done in just one weekend, allowing you knock a few...

Planning to Rent Your Place? Things to Check Out, Fix and Renovate

A decision to rent your own place doesn't mean you can just put it for a rent and your job is done. In order for it to be successful and to really earn your money, first, you need to make sure that...

Is Plumbing Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover perils that occur due to fire, abnormal weather and of course certain cases of water damage.

Six Home Repairs That Add The Most Value to Your Rental

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That's nice but "words" can't pay the mortgage of your rental. Ironically, you need a great picture if you're going to market your rental property.

The Pros and Cons of Fixing up an Older Rental Property

Knowing the ups and downs of the process enables you to make the best investment for maximum gains. Keep reading to learn more about each perspective.

How to Evaluate the Right Apartment Floor Plan for You

There are many advantages to renting, particularly when people are just starting out on their own, but figuring out how much space is needed and the right layout isn't as easy as it sounds.

How to Avoid Expensive Repairs for Your Property

Any experienced property owner knows that some wear-and-tear on the property comes with the territory.

Earth Day: How to Make Your Units More Eco-Friendly

Instituting these nine tips will give you an optimal way to attract tenants of the younger generations.

How to Handle a Power Outage in Your Investment Property

Each state has a different time limit for completing repairs — follow your local guidelines. Even if you have 30 days to fix an issue, you shouldn't wait that long, or you'll have unhappy renters...

Rent Your Residential Property Faster and at the Better Price

Owning a residential property can be very lucrative. However, the market is full of attractive properties so you have to play smart if you want to rent it fast and get a really good price for it.