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September 18, 2017

In case you decided to sell your old house and move to another one, you should invest in remodeling because it will help you to increase the value of the property. There are plenty of steps you can take toward boosting the price of your home. Before sticking the for sale sign in your front lawn, go ahead and read the tips below. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful once you start face lifting your property.

Start Outside

The first thing your potential buyer will see is state of your front yard and house facade. Make sure the grass is fresh, green and tidy. Another great move is to plant a bunch of colorful flowers all over the yard and put some on the porch and around the door as well. When it comes to facade and door, you can paint them with bright and warm colors. In case your door is too old and painting won’t help, go ahead and invest in a new steel door. This type of entry door will most certainly increase the value of the house and investment will repay in no time.

Rearrange the Attic

Most attics are generators of mold and clutter. You should do it differently. Go up there and start redesigning it into a bedroom. It would be great if you can install another bathroom there as well. This addition to your house will increase the overall value since you’ll have an extra bathroom and bedroom to offer.

All accumulated stuff you find in the attic can be recycled, refurbished and sold at a yard sale. If there is some thing you want to keep, feel free to rent a remote storage unit and put them there. Maybe the best way to get rid of unused items is to donate them to charity. You’ll get yourself an extra room, and someone will be very happy with some new stuff.

Improve the Kitchen

Another spot where the potential buyer will stop is the kitchen. First of all, go ahead and take care of minor repairs. Change all light bulbs, drawer handles and door knobs. Replacing of lights and knobs should be done all over the house. Paint kitchen cabinets and replace all worn out drawers and utilities. If you have some extra cash available, spend it on some new kitchen appliances and they will repay once you sell the house. A beautiful kitchen can increase the value of the property, so don’t hesitate to improve it as much as you can.

Remodel Bathrooms

After the kitchen, most of your resources should be directed at improving bathrooms. Clean everything thoroughly, install new hangers and multi purpose mirrors. If you are in position, continue by replacing all bathroom elements. Install new shower, standard toilet, and porcelain-on-steel tub. Make sure all new elements have ceramic tile around them. Before setting up new elements, go ahead and replace the floor as well. Check if some tiles are damaged during the process and replace them with new ones.

Two-Story Addition

If you really want to add value to your property, go ahead and build another story. The first one should be family space, and the second floor can be bedrooms with bathroom. This setting is very popular on the market, so give your best to remodel your home that way. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to seek professional advice from drafting services Sydney has to offer. By increasing space in your old house, you’ll also increase chances of a fast sale and return the funds invested.

Replace the Windows

Nobody likes to see old, chipped windows that let the winter in. Don’t allow to lose buyers over this detail. All materials will repay, but you should go with wood since it’s a natural material and your future buyer can be environmentally conscious. This little touch can help you close the deal earlier than you thought. In addition, new windows will save a lot of energy, and by installing them, you will save the new owner from spending time and money on minor repairs. Rest assured that they will appreciate your proactivity.

Don’t Forget the Basement

Basement is the last big investment coming your way. In case you used it for storage purposes like the attic, go ahead and repeat all steps considering cleaning. This new space can be used in so many ways. If you aim to sell the house to millennials, you may consider turning the basement into a mixture of office space and gaming room. Younger, technologically driven people will appreciate this kind of space and will be happy to pay big bucks for a chance to spend the time there. Of course, this investment may not repay like the one you did with kitchen and bathroom, but it won’t hurt.


At the end, make sure everything is set up before calling your agent. Choose wisely when to put the house on sale. The real estate market is constantly changing, and you should be aware of that. The best time to sell is when demand is high, and therefore, the price will go up as well. Add to that the return of your remodeling investments and you’ll see how everything will repay instantly.

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