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August 27, 2019

Are you planning about incorporating smart home technology to your rental property to make it stand out? Does smart home technology make science fiction fantasies to your mind? If yes, then it may come as a shock to know that the real estate market has been gradually filling up with devices that could, for the most part, be suitable for use in a rental property.

There are many smart devices that could be, more often than not, helpful to tenants and landlords alike. Plus, they’re more affordable and inexpensive than ever. A perfect example of a smart home gadget is a smart doorbell.

This technology is a doorbell connected to the internet that notifies the electronic device or smartphone of the homeowner when a guest arrives. Should landlords invest in this kind of technology? For a little help, we’ll walk you through the reasons to install one in your rental property. So, take a read!

Adds Value To Your Rental Property

Incorporating smart technology to your rental property like home alarms will, without a doubt, make it stand out in the minds of your potential tenants. They’ll recall that you were putting smart tech rental forward.

Plus, you might raise the rental fee. Say, for instance, you’d offer to add the yearly monitoring expense in the rent price, yet charge a little bit extra too. Let us say you ask five dollars every month in payment for a rental with a smart doorbell technology and add the thirty dollars yearly monitoring cost in the rent price. Well, it is not a bad deal.

Your renters can benefit from the convenience and extra security of a smart doorbell technology, and you get to benefit from the additional fee. But for this deal to work, landlords must keep full access to the smart doorbell technology on their own account.

It may not be an appealing choice for most renters. However, even though it does not contribute to a higher rental fee, it might easily rent quickly. Additionally, landlords can save more on tenant turnover expenses.

Boosted Property Security

A smart doorbell technology serves as a thing that discourages potential criminals and burglars. If your rental property is in a neighborhood or community that has a towering crime rate, your potential renter may add a smart doorbell technology. They might be inclined to pay more cash for it.

As a matter of fact, Ring, a smart doorbell technology, proved its impediment ability when it worked with the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). About ten percent of the homes in a neighborhood in LA installed this technology. The Los Angeles Police Department reported a fifty-five percent decrease in break-ins for over six months.

Furthermore, each Ring Doorbell offers a replacement policy. So, if it is stolen, just send a report to the police, and they’ll change it for free. Also, the Ring has a neighborhood watch feature. It can aid you in reporting any suspicious activities.

Draw Attention To Younger Renters

The generation called millennials manifests the biggest tenant demographic. Also, they have lower rates of owning a home compared to their predecessors. So, if you’re targeting this group of tenants, then you should offer the utilities that attract them.

There is no doubt that there’s a plus factor when your rental property has added several smart home devices like a smart doorbell technology. Adding such a device to your rental is an excellent way to make a positive, significant first impression with a millennial demographic.

Furthermore, there’s a high probability that your potential renter has a mobile device. As such, they’ll like the notion of being able to see who is at their door wherever they are.

Easy To Install

Perhaps you have been hesitating or thinking twice about buying a smart doorbell technology because you believe that it’s too intricate to install. Well, we can guarantee you that it takes no handyman to install it.

Let’s take the Ring Video Doorbell for example. This technology features a five-minute installation process. A handy person could, for the most part, install it within five minutes. However, if you are not handy, then maybe it will take you at least twenty minutes.

You’ll need to take the time to ensure you smoothen the Adapter Plate. Also, you might need to drill holes relying upon the surface of the installation.


Adding a smart doorbell technology to your rental is a big plus in attracting individuals to rent your property. Plus, there are a lot of excellent features that you and your renters can enjoy with such technology, for example, recording videos, motion zones, motion schedule, smart alerts, snooze alerts, live view, shared users, battery-operated, and many more. So, if you’ve been thinking about adding smart home technology to your rentals, then don’t hesitate. Do it!

About the Author: Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.