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Summer is a great time to upgrade the garage of your rental property, after a long season of wear and tear. Luckily, many garage upgrades can be done in just one weekend, allowing you knock a few projects off the to-do list in just one or two months.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the following ideas. From storage to flooring, you’ll find a little bit of everything to bring your rental garage back to life and attract new tenants.

Install a Foldable Workbench

A workbench is valuable for every tenant, doubling as a space for messy projects, woodworking and crafting, all at once. Instead of simply installing a workbench, however, build or buy a foldable workbench. This allows you to use the space wisely, especially if the garage is small. Whenever the bench isn’t in use, it can be folded up and tucked away for later.

If you want to go the DIY route, you can find design and material ideas from Pinterest’s Explore page for Folding Workbench. You can also purchase one pre-made and simply install yourself.

Upgrade to Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring was originally used in commercial and industrial settings and has quickly become popular for home garages. Its many benefits make it an investment worth making:

“Flooring covered with epoxy will have a long life and can handle a massive amount of traffic. It’s water resistant and dust proof, meaning cleaning up garage flooring is easy and fast,” according to experts at Garage Floor Epoxy. It’s also helpful for people with seasonal allergies because sealing the concrete decreases the levels of dust and allergens in the air.

Installation can be DIY or done by a professional. When doing it yourself, you’ll need a power washer and a variety of epoxy-specific materials like citric acid, epoxy chemicals, paint chips and more. This Lifehacker.com article gives an overview of the process.

Create a Ceiling Storage Area

If the garage is already chuck full, take to the ceiling for more storage space and better organization. The best part: this upgrade isn’t as complicated as it might sound. All you need are a few plastic bins, some plywood, and a drill, measuring tape, wood glue and a few other small tools.

Check out a full breakdown of the project on DIY Family Handyman, with step-by-step instructions on creating the carriage pieces (which hold the bins and allow them to slide in and out) and installing everything.

When finished, tenants can use the bins to hold seasonal clothing and you can use it to store property items that you don’t need to access regularly.

Replace or Refresh Your Garage Door

Garage door replacement was found to have a 76 percent ROI for homeowners, costing $1,749 on average. If you’re not ready to pay out for a brand new door, you can give it a spring refresh with a new coat of paint. Here are a few fun ideas from Remodelaholic:

  • Gel stain
  • Wood overlay
  • Add trim to the windows
  • Re-paint

Remember to power wash the door, which is likely covered with dirt and grime, before adding your new paint.

Organize the Space

You don’t need to build or install anything to give your garage a refresh. In many cases a good cleaning and re-organization turns the chaos back into usable space. One way to do this is by organizing your garage with the “Six Zone System.” Lifehacker explains the zones:

  • Transition Zone: Near the door, this is where you can leave shoes, jackets, bags, etc.
  • Need It Now: Everyday items that are used frequently like canned food and bulk food and home good items.
  • Long, Tall, Thin Storage: Think: rakes, shovels, and similar yard stuff to be hung on the walls.
  • Large Item Storage: The place where you’ll store holiday decorations and camping gear; items rarely used.
  • Frequently Used Items: Items like outdoor gear and sports equipment, placed near the garage door for easy access.
  • Workspace: An area with a workbench and cabinets.


Consider how this system works best in your space and start organizing. You can even use labels and stickers so young children are clear about the new storage spaces, reducing future clutter and messes.

Give your garage the upgrade it needs this spring with a few weekend projects that will go a long way. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when it looks like new, knowing summer is just around the corner.

BIO: Maile Proctor is a blogger and freelance editor. She writes about health and fitness, lifestyle, family and finance and has written for a wide variety of industry publications, including Lodgify, AllConnect and ApartmentGuide. Proctor earned her bachelor’s in broadcast journalism from Chapman University and when she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking in San Diego, California.

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