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September 8, 2017

Every landlord out there wants to have as much space as possible in order to rent the apartment at a higher price. However, since getting more space isn't always an option, the best thing you can do is arrange your apartments to appear larger than they are. Perception is a powerful thing and one that can be an extremely important factor for your potential tenants if they're to be living in your building. In this article we'll highlight some of the best ways for you to make your current space appear larger and more attractive, thus increasing your revenue.

Go For Bright Colors

Of all the colors you can choose, your rooms will always appear largest in white.  You don't have to go for white though, any bright color will do, as brighter colors not only reflect the light way better than their dark opposites, but they also make the room seem better for customization. While darker colors might carry more personality and focus on a statement, brighter ones are always better for renting because they appeal to a wider audience. Bright colors will also affect a person's mood, thus making your space much more pleasant to spend time in.

Go Tall

If you're working with a cramped space, it's always useful to think about the height. The more shelves you manage to fit between your floor and your ceiling will save more wall space in the other parts of your apartment. When choosing a wardrobe, try to fit it all the way up to the ceiling, as that space on top of your wardrobe is rarely ever used for anything other than storage anyway. Tall lamps will fit great with this style and they'll cast the light in a more delicate way around the room.

Hang the TV

Having a TV stand can take quite a lot of your space, especially if you're packing a big plasma or an LCD. By hanging your TV on the wall you'll have an empty space below it, giving your room a more cozy feeling. The more unused space you have around the living room, the larger it will look to your potential tenants. Besides, why not leave it up to them if they want to use that space for a different purpose?

Let the Natural Light In

Another way to open up your cramped space is to let as much natural light inside as possible. If you're showing the apartment to your potential tenants, make sure you've opened up the blinds beforehand. It's also helpful to use brighter curtains, just to make sure to maximize the influx of natural light. If it's the top floor, you definitely should consider going with the skylights, as they'll simply give a brand new look to any apartment. Natural light is something most tenants will rate very highly when making a decision, so do anything you can to help it get inside. 

Ditch the Unnecessary Accessories

While it's true that accessories make any home feel more alive, most people will want to bring their own. The less you offer at the start, when showing the apartment, the easier it will be for them to imagine their ideal home. It will also make the apartment seem like it has more room than it actually does. If you've got a lot of them, you can hire Boomerang Moving Boxes  and have them shipped to a storage, or to another apartment that has more space. In this case, less is more.

Multi-Purpose is Your New Best Friend

This is true for all the rooms in your apartment. For example, your kitchen can pack an integrated cutting board for your sink, which will save you some space on your worktop but also let you close the sink whenever you want it. Your couch can have a storage space inside it, where you can keep the out-of-season clothes, extra pillows, or blankets. If it's a tiny bedroom, you can have your bed turn into a desk when you need it, transforming the whole room into an office.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors aren't only a cheap and easy way to decorate your empty walls, but they'll also give a depth to any space, making it appear much larger than it really is. Also, we talked about the importance of natural light. Well, mirrors are the single best way to have all that natural light reflect throughout the apartment, thus making it a double win. It's also super-cool to have a giant mirror where you can check how you look from your feet to the top, but that's just a personal preference.

Final Words

By following these seven tips you'll make any space appear larger than it really is, whether it's small or not. The smaller space is, the more attention and effort it will require to open it up, but it's doable and a great way to convince your potential tenants that it's a good choice for them. It goes without saying that to really maximize your space it will also cost you, but in the end, it will all be worth it, as you'll be in a position to rent it at a higher price.

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