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April 30, 2018

Making your home as aesthetically attractive to new tenants is seen as the most important aspect of enticing potential renters. If the property is in need of some TLC but you don’t have the budget to renovate the entire property, it isn’t always easy to know where to spend your hard earned income.

A survey conducted by Plentific, a partner of Zoopla and therefore with access to a substantial database of information, has concluded that almost half of tenants are swayed by the kitchen over any other room in the house. This may not seem too surprising, but along with the knowledge that 28% would-be renters are willing to increase their rental for a higher standard kitchen, it becomes obvious that the main area to address must be the kitchen. As the main point of focus for almost a third of renters surveyed, it would be foolish to ignore.

Plentific’s Stephen Jury, said: “Many renters keep an eye out for particular renovations when searching for their next home. These can add significant value to a property and therefore add value to the rental value.”

This trend in buyer preferences continues through all levels of the market, whether you are renting to a first timer or someone who has the level of expenditure that would make your eyes water. Head of sales for a high-end estate agent comments “No matter the budget of clients, everyone is always most fascinated in the kitchen and more commonly as a communal area. It can make or break the decision process.”

Closely following the importance of a great kitchen was a bathroom. 46% of potential renters said a high-quality bathroom, or a secondary bathroom would justify an increased rental figure. It is commonly known how important bathrooms are and the ability for people to feel comfortable and relaxed in them, but the ability to have a second bathroom is no longer seen as a luxury, as in the past 30 years or so, but more often as an expected addition to a house.

Among other close considerations were, windows based upon noise reduction, and whether the property had an extension or a conservatory. A well-maintained garden was also a large influence on decision making with 26% of potential renters. While the survey is quite light-hearted and interesting to read, it is able to give landlords the edge of their fellow competitors on where to start when considering to ‘rent-ability’ their properties.

If it has got you thinking about making some changes, here are some top tips for renovating or redesigning a kitchen or bathroom.

1.) Don’t be garish. Although you are in charge of the revamp, don’t let your imagination go too wild. Neutral colour combinations will help the potential renter visualise their belongings in the space and enable a greater range of styles to fit in each room.

2.) Don’t fill every crevice – Getting the most use out of your space is perhaps one of the most difficult points in modern housing, however you don’t want the renter to feel like everything has been squeezed in. Leaving spaces in various corners and distance between major features, such as the shower and toilet can really help these areas feel larger than they are.

3.) Bathroom floor tiles are a must – As technology develops even more realistic laminates and vinyl it is becoming even more popular in the potential ‘wet rooms’ of the house. However, it seems people still have a bug bear on the one room they will probably always be bare-footed. The security and clean feeling of a tile makes a bathroom seem more hygienic and inevitably more inviting.

4.) Don’t overdo the grey – it may be the current colour of the month but too much of a dark grey can really make your space look much smaller than it is, but a feature wall can be an eye-catching compromise. Especially in a bathroom, the brighter and whiter a space, the generally more welcoming it is perceived to be.

5.) Toilet placement, not by the door– Visually, the sight of a lovely bath, shower or sink is much more aesthetically pleasing than a lavatory. Although this is dependent on plumbing circumstances, the thought of an unsolicited guest in the bathroom while it is in use is a recurring nightmare for almost everyone.

6.) Consider your target renter – Keeping your dream renter in mind can help you decide on the style and layout for these areas of your house. Ensuring it is alluring to this group will aid your search for renters. Let’s not forget, happy renters make a happy landlord!

Author Bio: Blair Collinst a London based property writer who writes about global property trends and designs. Featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail and London Evening Standard.

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