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July 23, 2018

Renting a property is always a good way of earning extra money. Still, if you want your property to be competitive on the market, you need to make sure it's attractive from the outside - first impression counts. So, if you want to quickly fix up your property so that you can rent it really soon, here's how you can improve the exterior.

1. Landscaping

To pump up the look of your landscaping, it's best to plant a few bushes. Immature trees will take too long to add to the overall look. If there's an area for flowers, buy mature flowers in various colors that will instantly make the landscape lively. Forget about seeds or bulbs - you need the landscape to look attractive really fast. The lawn should be mowed and without any brown spots, free of leaves and grass cuttings.

You can also try a different approach – Scandinavian people enjoy the naturalistic approach to their yards. Landscaping has a more rustic style to it, meaning you could try combining stones and rocks you find in nature and fit it between the flowers and bushes, letting it go on its own course.

2. New Paint

Take a good look at your house from a distance - does it look faded and washed-up? If it does, you should think about applying a new coat of paint on the facade. Fresh, well-chosen paint will enormously add to the attractiveness of the exterior.

Don't choose odd colors, but more of something that fits well into the neighborhood. The color will also depend on the style of the house. In most cases, yellow is the color that most people react positively on, whether you choose it as the base color or just for the trim.

Next, check out the front door - they are often the focal point of the front side, so make sure they look appealing. Maybe the shutters, fence, and columns would use a new layer, too - it will improve the appeal immediately.

3. The Entryway

As mentioned, the front door is the entrance into the house, so besides a new paint, maybe it could use a good polishing, too. A sweet and inviting doormat is always a nice touch.

The locks need to work easily and the key needs to fit - if entering the house for the first time to check out the interior is difficult due to a bad lock, it won't look good. Potted plants will look great at the front door as a vivid frame.

4. Sidewalk and Driveway

The walkways need to be free of any dirt and debris. If you notice any stains on the concrete, it's best to use a power washer in case your usual garden hose won't be strong enough. Walkways can be decorated with stones and rocks along the edges or in bedding areas to create an artistic sense.

If there are too many cracks in the pavements, the best approach is to put new pavement, preferably something neutral and attractive. Lately, in Australia, it’s popular and trendy to use limestone when decorating the flowerbeds and designing landscaping, but also for fixing pavement. So if you live there, make sure to check limestone pavers in Sydney, as they are timeless and universal, meaning that most tenants like it.

Regarding the patio area, you can go with the rustic feel, growing grass plugs between stepping stones. It will allow you to deal with the maintenance less frequently, but still look nice and natural.

5. Outdoor Decor

In case you have a front porch, it will be a great bonus - by putting a couple of chairs or benches, the front porch will look perfect for afternoon chats and drinking coffee. Buy a few pillows or cushions so that it looks comfortable and warm. A small coffee table will complete the inviting look.

All in All

Your property's exterior is what makes half of your job. It creates that utterly important first impression that's hard to shake off. So, get on to it and improve everything you can about it.

Author Bio: Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way.

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