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January 16, 2018

When people go house shopping, the exterior is, as expected, the first thing that catches their eyes. And first impressions are normally what makes or breaks their decision to cross the porch at all. Take a good look at your front yard and property overall – what is it that makes it stand out in the neighborhood? Does it have anything that draws attention?

Would you, as a complete stranger want to enter? If the answers to these questions left you feeling lukewarm about your property, or you realized there could be something more done, then keep on reading, because we’re about to reveal some design secrets to enhance your curb appeal.

See What You’re Dealing With First

Take a walk around your property, snap a few photos. Better yet, bring some acquaintances, or friends who don’t visit as often and get an objective view of your house’s exterior. Ask for their opinions and jot down everything, then analyze what could be improved and in which ways. Also, try walking down the street as far as you can see the house, and you might be surprised at the faults you find. They might not be visible from up close, but are actually striking when observed from afar.

Decide On A Theme

All your pieces need to convey a certain theme. Think about your curb appeal the same way as you would think about your garden. Does it reflect a more meditative place, with plenty of plant life, a cobble path, and discreet lighting, or is it a more social place that invites guests? Decorate your front yard and porch based on the kind of people you want to see rent your place. It’s a good way to actually gain some control in filtering your rental applicants.

Pick A Central Item

When you know what kind of “theme” you’re going for, you should plan the composition carefully. Yes, you read that right, the composition. It doesn’t matter if your front yard has the loveliest floral arrangements if they are all over the place. People could see it as clutter and it could look downright ugly. Hence, choose an item or two that will be central, like a crawling ivy on one part of the house, or a fountain, or even your mailbox! Then sort the other decoration so they compliment the central ones, and make them stand out.

Sell A Lifestyle

Another little trick up your sleeve can actually be learned from fashion magazines. When they sell, for example, a white men’s cardigan, they don’t just have a model posing in an empty room. They put him on a boat, in the open sea, with other friends while they sip champagne and eat seafood. Good magazines actually sell a lifestyle. And it makes people more adamant to buy that cardigan than some other. Employ the same technique on your house and see how fast you attract people. Decorate it as family-friendly, as a dreamy house with lovely woodwork for a couple of artists, and the like.

Never Enough Plant Life

It goes without saying that plants make everything better. They will undoubtedly boost your house’s curb appeal. Ivy, colorful bushes and wildflowers are always welcome, and a somewhat neat unkemptness always trumps the military-style cut lawn.  It gives the curb vibrancy, life, and tranquility. Just remember to always choose those plants that are native to your region, or they’ll be too demanding for upkeep and could actually pose a threat to the domestic plant life.

Don’t Neglect The Façade

There is no compensation when it comes to the façade. You should keep your house front in tip-top condition. That means treated wood, no mold or paint chips, no broken concrete steps and windows that are always clean. There is a great variety of curtains and shutters that will draw attention to the house itself. The same goes for premium pergolas and awnings, as they encompass both privacy and sun and rain shelter, which is an imperative in-house leasing nowadays.

Clever Lighting

The last trick we have for you today turns your attention to cleverly setting up your front yard lighting. By manipulating the position and intensity of the light sources on the lawn and the façade, you can accentuate the good sides, and add some flair to those that are more on the plain side. Installing LED lights into the sides of the walkway (if you have one) will give the front porch a more romantic feeling. Rare are the tenants who can resist them.

In The End

How your front yard looks should depend solely on the kind of tenants you wish to draw in. We all want to see our realty in good hands, as most of us lived there for so long they’re practically family. Improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to be a pricey, demanding undertaking.

With so much as a good eye, some help from friends and a little bit of upgrading, you can make your house look like the house of someone’s dreams.

Author Bio: Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way.

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