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2022-04-29 12:40:31 UTC
Investing in real estate and renting property can be a great means to make money. However, there are a few times when owning an investment property can lose you money.
2017-10-26 18:12:37 UTC
Being a landlord isn’t all about collecting the rent.  It’s about fixing the pipe, shoveling the walk, stopping the rodents, etc.  You need a small army of trusted, go-to service providers in your local area to help you keep your property at it’s best. 
2020-09-21 16:57:50 UTC
Your marketing efforts should be geared towards the largest pocket of tenants, which is currently the Millennial generation. Here are tips to help you with your property marketing plan and how best to reach this large generation of renters.
2017-12-13 14:05:03 UTC
Changing your perspective and accentuating the benefits of moving to the area between October and April may help you increase your chances.
2019-08-05 13:08:44 UTC
When moving day is around the corner, packing isn’t the only thing renters need to do to prepare for your move.
Technology is changing how people do business and search for rentals. Here are 3 ways tech is changing the future for property owners.

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