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With the amount of renters using Rentometer every day to check rents – we are a great place to list your available rentals. Any time a renter compares rents in the area of your rental, your listing will be presented to them. And did we mention that listing your rental on Rentometer is FREE and takes just a couple minutes to complete!

Add Your Rental Property Listings To Our Rental Listing App

Rentometer uses proprietary data and technology to provide an accurate and thorough rent comparison analysis to anyone interested in going rents in a certain area. Both renters and landlords can use our rental property apps to analyze recent rental property listings in the surrounding neighborhood. Rentometer calculates rent prices based on property size and location to provide you with a market rate estimate to let you know whether you're charging too little for your rental property listings or too much.

Bring In More Prospective Tenants

With both renters and landlords using our rental listing app, you can bring in more prospective tenants by adding your rental property listings to our list of apartments and properties. Apartments and properties that are currently for rent have a distinctive marker on our Rentometer rental property apps. When prospective tenants go to use Rentometer, not only will they see rental comparisons and the going market rates in their area but they'll also see your property listings as a potential new home.

Why List With Rentometer?

Rentometer is a great place to list your available rentals because of the number of renters using our rental listings app every day. Your listing is presented to every prospective renter who compares rents in your area.

But an increase in prospective tenants isn't the only benefit of adding your rental property listings to Rentometer. Here are some of the other benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Rentometer listings are free, which reduces costs on marketing your rental property listings
  • Reach a wider audience of both prospective tenants and real estate agents
  • Rentometer gives you a free boost when it comes to brand identity

Adding your rental property listings to Rentometer is free and only takes a few minutes to complete. To learn more about our rental property apps and adding your rental property listings, contact Rentometer today.