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  • 50 PRO Report Credits

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Included in all PRO plans:


Fast access to key rent metrics, including:

  • Average Rent
  • Median Rent
  • Percentile (25th and 75th)
  • Map View
  • Sample Size
  • Sample Radius

Filter by:

  • Lookback filter
    (limit age of record)
  • Radius/Distance
  • Building Type
  • Min/Max Price
  • Min/Max SQFT

Analyze by:

  • Street Address
  • Current Location
  • Neighborhood
  • City

Rentometer PRO Report

Comprehensive rent analysis, including:

  • All QuickView statistics and features
  • 3-Year trend and moving average chart
  • Average rent by bedroom chart
  • Expanded statistical analysis
  • Interactive map with Street View

Sample listing details:

  • Rental Listing Prices
  • Size (square footage)
  • $ per Square Foot
  • # of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Last Listing Date
  • Quick links to Google Search and Street View

Detailed property information:

  • Year Built
  • Tax and Last Sale data
  • Property and deed info
  • Construction materials and more

Professional features:

  • My Reports (PDF Archival)
  • 1–4 Bedroom Summary Report
  • Share Reports via Email
  • Download to Excel (CSV export)

Exclusively with PRO Standard:

Batch Analysis

Access rent comps for up to 100 properties all at once. Upload your list and get a CSV file with key rent statistics in seconds! Learn more

Custom Branding

Customize your PRO reports with your own business logo and contact information. Bolster your business reputation by getting your branded reports out into your market! Learn more

LeadGen Widget

Offer PRO reports to the visitors at your website! Install our widget on your site and start collecting visitor contact info in exchange for a high quality rent analysis report! Sit back and let the leads roll in! Learn more

Rentometer API

Want to connect your custom application to Rentometer data? With the Rentometer API you can get a Rent Analysis delivered directly to your application. Each PRO Standard subscription will include 500 API Credits, and more can be purchased as needed. Learn more

Zapier Integration (beta) Do you use Zapier to automate your business? Use Rentometer's API with Zapier to add rental data to GMail, Slack, Excel, Google Sheets, Salesforce and more. Make sure you're logged in to your Zapier account, then click here to try it today!

Essential Terms:

  1. Additional PRO report credits can be purchased at any time. Credits do not expire as long as subscription remains active.
  2. Subscription accounts can be cancelled at any time and cancellations will take effect at the end of the current subscription period.
  3. Rentometer PRO accounts are for interactive (non-script) use and are licensed on a per-seat basis. We do not put strict limits on QuickView but do monitor for abusive or automated activity.
  4. Discounted prices are for new customers only. Rentometer annual plans renew at full price unless otherwise stated.