Rentometer Pro Features

Rentometer Pro helps real estate professionals access detailed rent data across the U.S. Discover the Pro features that will help grow your business and expand your knowledge of the rent in your area!


Summary Stats and Percentiles

The summary stats and percentiles give you a great overview of the neighborhood where your property is located. You have access to these stats on the QuickView or Pro reports. You can determine the average, median, or high rent using the summary stats and how your property compares.


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Summary Statistics and Rent Distribution Charts

The stats table provides more information about the data sample. The rent distribution shows the rent based on those data samples. Depending on the sample you’ll see where other properties fall into which rent range based on this data set.



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Map and Sample Listings

The map and sample listings show you the subject property you searched but also the other properties used in the data set. You can see on the map where the properties are located. The sample listing gives you more information on how they compare to your property. 



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The auto radius feature is built into the Rentometer report search function. It automatically searches the comps closest to your rental. This gives you as much accurate rental information that is closest to your property. If you want a larger or smaller sample size you can adjust the radius feature. Starting with the auto radius feature will give you the best search results the first time.  



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Average Rent by Bedroom Chart

The average bedroom type graph shows you the year-over-year rents across all bedroom types so you can compare all types in one report. This shows you a quick snapshot of how rents have changed over the last year. 



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Property Detail Report

We’ve added a significant expansion to our standard rent report.  PRO users can now access Property Reports for our rent comp listings. The Property Report is packed with detailed information for each property including:

• Google Street View snapshot image
• Rental history from our database - we will present all data points for that address with the rent amount and the date that we saw it.
• Year Built
• Property tax information including year assessed, assessed value, tax year, tax rate area and tax billed.
• Sale information including last sale date and last sale amount
• Property dimensions including building area, lot area, lot dimension
• Deed information including mortgage amount, mortgage date, and lender name.
• Other information including building codes for roof material, HVAC cooling, HVAC heating, and HVAC fuel.



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Custom Branding

In the competitive business of rental housing, it’s important to take advantage of every marketing tool that you can!  One way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack is to grow your brand by customizing your rent comp reports with your business name and logo.  Sharing branded reports will bolster your reputation as a marketing expert in your area. 

Branding rent comp reports can be used to help build your business in the following ways:

  • Share reports (electronically) with your clients and potential tenants to start conversations, and show that you have access to the most up-to-date rent comp data.   
  • Use reports as a lead generation tool by including them in your marketing packages
  • Use your branded Neighborhood Reports on social media to build your reputation as a local rental housing expert 
  • Include a branded report in your renewal package to your renters


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