Security & Safety

The Security & Safety Resource Center is here to provide you with home safety tips and product ideas so that you can feel secure that your home is as safe as possible. Find the information you need to keep you (and your family), your home and your valuables safe and sound.

4 Ways to Simplify Property Check-Ins

You have happy tenants and well-maintained properties, but sometimes it might feel like you spend half your life driving around to check on everything.

How Can You Prevent A Home Burglary?

A home burglary is committed every 14.6 seconds in the U.S, according to the FBI. The frequency of these occurrences should be alarming.

Help Protect Your Tenants From Unwelcome Visitors

In the US a break-in happens every 15 seconds. Today I want to give you some tips that were shared with us that might help protect your tenant, your rental and save some money along the way.

4 Safety Features to Highlight to Prospective Tenants

Whether you have tenants in multiunit buildings or single-family homes, here are four security features that will set your property apart.

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Rental Property Before Disaster Strikes

Here are four steps to take to safeguard your investment ahead of catastrophe.

Better Protection for Your Rental Property

Many people don’t realize how important it is to make sure their rental properties are properly protected.

9 Ways to Protect Your Tenants’ Personal Information

Use these nine ideas to help secure this private and important data—physically and digitally.

6 Smart Home Security Gadgets to Install in Your Rental Properties

Here are six of the top smart security gadgets we recommend.

7 Home Safety Tips to Ensure Your Tenants Enjoy the Holidays

Many renters associate their landlords or property managers with bills and emergency maintenance. And of course, you hold responsibility for those two items.

The Safest States for Your Next Rental Property

We’ve provided a list of things to consider when choosing the location of your next rental property and a few tips for making your rentals safer no matter where they are.

Can A Home Security System Increase the Value of Your Rental?

Here are five ways a home security system can build value for your rental.

Home Safety and Security Tips Every Landlord Should Know About

Enhancing the security and safety of your property is an essential step that will help you both protect your tenants and safeguard your property against possible damages and intruders.

4 Safety Upgrades for the Outside of Your Property

A few simple upgrades and tech tools in your outdoor space can help you avoid these costs and prepare to show your property to prospective tenants this fall.

7 Tips to Keep Your Tenants and Rental Business Safe

Across the U.S. businesses, schools and average citizens have been scrambling to keep ahead of the novel coronavirus. That includes landlords, property managers, and real estate business owners.