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2019-06-26 18:55:15 UTC
Many renters associate their landlords or property managers with bills and emergency maintenance. And of course, you hold responsibility for those two items.
You need to understand the healthy boundaries and obligations of a tenant-landlord relationship. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The lines between the landlord and the renter often become blurry, and depending on the type of tenant; you might be forced to draw hard lines in the sand. Here are 5 tips for maintaining a healthy tenant-landlord relationship.
2017-09-20 17:38:31 UTC
Here are five tips for cleaning and improvements while you are between renters.
2022-05-26 13:38:34 UTC
Whether you’re looking for your first apartment, or you’ve been renting for years, you want to make sure you’re finding the best deal that you can afford.  And a big part of this is knowing what the rents are going for in the area you’re looking to live in.
2021-02-17 15:34:19 UTC
Check out our five easy tips for managing tenant turnover during your busy seasons.
2018-08-20 13:50:54 UTC
Although it probably never hurts to try talking a landlord into lowering the rent, there are certain situations in which you’re most likely to be successful. Keep these in mind as you hunt for apartments.

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