Landlord and Property Manager Tips

Whether you manage five units or 500, you're sure to find some helpful tips here!

5 Ways Landlords Can Maximize Their ROI

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or seasoned landlord, you likely want to maximize the return on investment (ROI)—a.k.a. Profit—on your rental property as much as you can.

How to Manage Dozens of Rental Properties from Anywhere in the World

Here are the basic principles to use to manage your rental properties from anywhere in the world.

13 Proven Lead Generators Every Property Management Company Should Be Using

Property management companies only thrive when they have a full roster of properties to manage, and owners trust them to represent their interests responsibly.

Life of a Landlord During Covid-19

Landlords and property managers have had to shift from business, as usual, one day to invent procedures for no-contact showings the next, and wonder all the while about tenants who may not be able...

What is a Rule of Thumb and How Can it Help your Real Estate Investing

When it comes to investing in real estate, it's not as complicated as some make it out to be. Here are three rules of thumb that can help you be on your way to a successful career in real estate.

My Tenant Damaged My Property. How Do I Resolve This Issue?

When a tenant damages your property, you are dealing with one of two situations.

8 Ways to Maximize Your Apartment Building Profits

Here are 8 ways you can increase the income of your asset and increase the value to maximize your profits with apartment buildings.

The 5 Essential Investments to Include Before Renting

Are you looking to get your property rental-ready? With just a few updates, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) and avoid costly liability issues, maintenance, or grievances down the...

How to Motivate Employees at Your Property Management Company

Happy and motivated employees are an essential ingredient of a successful property management business. When your employees are happy and motivated, it makes for a great work environment....

8 Qualities of a Great Property Manager

It’s not hard to find a suitable property manager. You just need to look for certain qualities.

How to Succeed in Property Management

Being a property manager encompasses a lot of responsibilities. As a mediator between the property owner and the residents, you and your team will need exceptional people skills, organizational...

Do You Know How To Motivate Tenants To Extend Their Leases?

If you are a landlord and you want to learn how to best incentivize tenants to stick around, check out what things have the greatest impact upon keeping good tenants around.

How to Make Reporting Your Residents’ Rent a Seamless, Rewarding Process

There are many benefits to reporting your residents’ positive rent payment data to credit bureaus.

6 Organization Tips and Tricks for Peak Rental Season

The start of spring and the approach of summer means peak rental season.

My Property Is Not Renting? What Am I Doing Wrong

Stop wondering what you are doing wrong and use these valuable tips for moving properties that remain vacant.

Tenant Expectations Every Landlord Should Know

Finding a perfect tenant is never easy, but finding a perfect landlord isn’t any less difficult either.

Motivating Tenants to Extend Their Leases

The end of a lease marks an anxious period for landlords. If tenants decide to move, the rental must be marketed and the process of finding good renters starts. It’s why having tenants stay is much...

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Tenant-Landlord Relationship

You need to understand the healthy boundaries and obligations of a tenant-landlord relationship. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The lines between the landlord and the renter often...

5 Ways to Make Your Tenants Feel Valued

If you value your tenants, help keep their lease active year after year by regularly demonstrating how much you appreciate them.

How to Properly Communicate Your Lease To Tenants

Communication is vital to the success of your relationship with a tenant. It is more vital to the landlord because they have more to lose. Here are 4 tips for how to properly communicate your lease...

The Pros and Cons of Month-To-Month Leases

If you are trying to determine whether you should provide a long-term or short-term lease, check out the pros and cons of a M2M lease here in contrast to a long-term lease.

How Smart Home Tech Can Improve Your Rental Property

Employ the six smart tech guidelines and products discussed below to attract new demographics and increase revenue.

4 Tips For Attracting Qualified Tenants

How do you go about attracting qualified tenants? Check out these top tips for finding the right renter for your property.

How The Eviction Process Works

To help visualize the eviction process, Legal Templates created an infographic to detail how this works and what to expect.

How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges of Installing Smart Home Tech in a Rental

Make sure you consider the following obstacles, and suggested solutions, before you invest in smart home tech for your rental:

Effective Ways To Welcome Your New Tenants

Once you have successfully marketed your property, screened applicants, and chosen the right tenant, it is time to welcome the new tenant to the rental property.

3 Out of the Box Money Saving Tips for Landlords

Trying some or all of these money saving tips will hopefully have you making a little bit more each month as you use rental properties to increase your personal wealth.

13 Questions to Consider When Setting Your Rent

When you own or manage a rental property, your success hinges on renting out the property rented at a rate that earns you a profit.

Understanding Rent Control for Your Property Management Business

Rent control has been a hot topic for 2020. With moratoriums in place on both evictions and rental rate increases, many property managers are concerned about the financial implications of their...

Your First Real Estate Investment – Where's the Opportunity?

As an investor, you may find you have a knack for finding and buying specific types of properties that have significant cash flow and are earning you money.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Multiple Properties

In this article, we show you the advantages and disadvantages of investing in multiple properties so that you can make an informed decision about what to do with your capital.

Tips for Attracting More Applicants

The following are six tips for improving the number of applicants interested in your property.

You Want to Be a Better Property Manager? Ask Your Tenants for Feedback.

As a property manager, how can you be sure your tenants are satisfied with how your company serves their needs with well-maintained, safe, and functional housing? Ask them.

First-Time Landlords: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you have a living space you are not using; you may have thought about renting it out. This something more and more people are doing, with 36.6% of households renting their homes in 2020. And...

Important Legal Tips for New Landlords

Being a landlord is about much more than sitting back and collecting rent checks. While it can be a good way to make some money, managing a rental property comes with a lot of responsibility. Here...

Should Landlords Get Personal References From Rental Applicants?

When it comes to a rental application, landlords want to know as much as they can about the person that will be occupying their property.

Myths and Facts about Eviction Records

Test your knowledge by reading below and see if you can spot something new. You might be surprised.

8 Tips for Effectively Managing Rental Properties

As you enter the world of property management, you want to ensure that your investment is a success. Here are several tips for effectively managing your rental properties and getting your maximum ROI.

How To Calculate The Amount You Can Make In Rent Each Month

Any investment property owner will tell you there's more to the game than sitting back and collecting the rent! Handling the responsibilities of property management can take a toll. That's why it's...

Do Landlords Need to Think About Connectivity in Their Properties?

Connectivity can determine whether a potential tenant chooses to sign on the dotted line.

How to Handle a Hoarding Tenant

Hoarding is a serious mental disorder, and when your tenant starts showing signs, it can be equally as hard to be understanding while keeping your tenant and the rest of your local community safe.

The Secret Sauce to Rental Profiles That Sell in No Time

Being able to think of what your rental listing would need while you are asleep is what constitutes the secret sauce to writing a bestseller rental profile!

What Makes An Ideal Tenant? A Landlord's Perspective

Finding ideal tenants is one of the essential parts of a landlord or property manager's job. A bad tenant can be a drain on all resources – your time, money, patience, and even the goodwill and...

The Top Features Your Renters Want

Investing in new features for your rental property can help increase the number of applicants interested.

Guide Tenants Through Pandemic

If you're a tenant who now needs to figure out how to make your rent payment … or a landlord who must determine how to collect rent, ease tenant anxiety, and rethink rents moving forward … where do...

How Property Managers Plan to Manage Rentals Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic drastically affected the financial situations of residential and commercial tenants. What does that mean for property managers and landlords, and how might they...

Find Potential Investment Property – Without Leaving Your Home

When you are searching for a rental property to buy, there is plenty of legwork to do before you can send out any purchase offers. The good news is that you can do most of this work online!

Advice to Consider When Managing a Property in a New State

It’s important to consider this advice before you decide to manage property in another state.

Are You Losing Income Due to Coronavirus? Can Your Insurance Help?

As we find ourselves in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of questions are coming up in the insurance world with regards to whether insurance policies can provide any relief to landlords.

5 Tips for Safely Reopening Apartment Amenities

Your tenants are usually used to enjoying the common spaces and amenities your facilities have to offer. However, with the impact of COVID-19, you've had to close most of those spaces to maintain...

How to Make a Long-Distance Move Easier on New Tenants

Moving to a new place is often taxing. Moving somewhere from far away only compounds the stress, and tenants who travel a long distance might struggle to adjust.

How Residential Real Estate Will Shift as Renters Trade Urban Living for Suburban

As the global pandemic continues, residential real estate will shift as more renters will trade urban, crowded cities for suburban, spacious areas. These areas offer a lower cost of living for more...

Keeping Your Rental Prices On Par With The Competition

When setting up your rental properties, one of the first things you'll have to consider is how much to charge future renters. It might be tempting to push your rents as high as possible.

4 Steps to Becoming a Landlord

As of the first quarter of 2020, the US's homeownership rate was 65.3%, up from a stable 64% from 2019. The other 34.7% of the population rent their homes, and 40% of those renters are 45 or older....

How to Find Renters Who Care About Building Healthy Credit

To make a profit from your property investment, you need good tenants. This doesn’t necessarily mean tenants who are nice people.

How Can I Find the Rent Rate in a Specific Market and Estimate Cash Flow?

Investing in unknown markets on your own carries more risk than investing in your immediate backyard.

Resources No Landlord Should Be Without

These tools, resources, and apps will help keep you organized and will help you operate your rental properties smoothly.

What Should You Learn Before Becoming A Landlord?

Do you dream of becoming a landlord one day? Do you want to know what it's all about? Well, if you're going to become a landlord or property investor, there are a couple of things that you need to...

Building and Maintaining Positive Credit for Renters

Renters that Pay Their Bills on Time Save Money and Enjoy More Financial Flexibility

Renters Willing to Pay More for Energy-Efficient Spaces

Renters are willing to pay more for energy-efficient spaces, according to new research. The research builds on earlier studies, which showed that properties certified green rented for more than...

Items to Review During Due Diligence

In this article, we are going to focus on retrieving: 3 years of capital improvements, property taxes, current payroll and copies of all warranties.

6 Steps to Building a Prosperous Real Estate Empire

Do you dream of a vast and flourishing real estate realm that brings opulent spoils to its supreme ruler, your majesty? Well, I would encourage you to think big, but do not get ahead of yourself.

How Many Property Managers Work From Home – or Still Have a Brick-and-Mortar Office?

As many areas of the country pause or slow down re-opening efforts due to the pandemic, a growing number of businesses have decided to close up their conventional offices and operate with most...

4 Things To Do When a Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Being a landlord comes with lots of perks. But at the same time, the job can prove to be tough. This is especially true when you find yourself facing a tenant who has stopped paying rent or asking...

Rights and Responsibilities Information for Landlords & Tenants

Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, you have specific rights and responsibilities outlined by the law of your province, territory, or state. Protect yourself; know what they are. Here are the...

Hiring the Right Talent for Your Property Management Company

A property management company cares for, controls, monitors, and oversees the running of the real estate, personal property and physical capital assets.

The Secret To An Outstanding Rental Showing

Check out these quick tips for making your property showing the most effective and efficient process possible.

A Checklist to Prepare for Rental Property Upgrades

To be most effective, use the following checklist to prepare for your upgrades. This will allow you to prioritize what needs to be done and be most efficient with your time.

The Changing Role of the Property Manager from Handyman to Almost An Attorney

The changing role of the property manager today requires more and more knowledge of ever-changing local city ordinances, state laws, and federal rules.

5 Ways to Increase Profits for Your Rental Property

There are many ways you can increase revenues for your rental property portfolio without buying more properties.  Try focusing on increasing the value of each property - one at a time – and...

4 Property Management Tricks to Cut Down on Costs

While managing property can seem overwhelming at first, rental vacancy rates are consistently declining, making it an extremely lucrative field.

Understanding the Difference Between Contractor and a Consultant

Over the years, two basically different professions blurred, and a lot of people don’t really understand the difference. The main distinction between contractor and consultant is the following.

Landlord Leverage: 5 Options to Finance Your Next Rental Property

Most new real estate investors are unaware of all the options available to them for rental property financing. As they buy more properties and discover new forms of financing, they often find...

7 Must Have Rental Features Tenants Want for Their Home

In order to keep up with tenants needs, it’s important to make sure you have the ability to offer the features in which they are most interested in.

4 Secrets for Writing the Perfect Rental Listings

Writing a rental listing that actually converts a prospect into a client is not a walk in the park. Here’s why we think so.

Preparing Your Rental for a New Tenant: Steps for a Smooth Turnover

In order to appeal to your dream tenant, you also need to be their dream landlord – it goes both ways. And all you need to do is get everything ready to ensure a smooth, successful turnover.

Responsibilities All Landlords and Tenants Should Know

Finding a perfect tenant can be a long and daunting process, and landlords would rather spend more time on finding the best person possible rather than renting their apartment to just anyone.

How to Leverage Different Technologies for Property Management Growth

In this era of rapid digital transformation, the residential real estate industry has traditionally been lethargic when it comes to adopting new technologies, but businesses are starting to view...

Is It Worth Getting a Home Warranty on a Rental Property?

For many large purchases, buyers are given an option to purchase a warranty.

Increasing Resident Retention for Your Property

A property manager’s work is never done. Contrary to what some people might think, getting prospects to visit a community and secure an apartment lease is not the hardest part of property management.

Tips for a Friendly Rental Application Process

Whether you have first-time millennial applicants or experienced 65+ tenants, making them comfortable with the application process should be a priority.

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Advertise Your Property?

If you are not an experienced real estate agent, it will probably be difficult for you to advertise and rent or sell your property. This sort of business depends on various internal and external...

Dealing With Late Rental Payments from Tenants

Grappling with tenants who pay their rent late is one of the worst parts of a landlord’s job. Here are some ways you can deal with late rental payments and tenants who just won’t pay on time.

How To Reject Or Accept Applicants

If you are uncertain of how to reject or accept applicants, read on for tips on the best way to handle the screening process.

Ways to Prepare Your Property for Elderly Tenants

As a landlord, your goal is usually to keep your premises occupied at all times and to have tenants that won’t give you headaches. Choosing to make your rental more attractive to elderly is one way...

Introducing New Renters to Your Rental Properties

Even though many might tell you it is very easy to rent your property, whether we talk about a flat, a house or an office space, it’s not quite that simple.

Amazing Millennial Real Estate Trends in 2019

As a landlord, real estate agent, or home seller, it’s time you look beyond stereotypes and find out what millennials are truly interested in.

Testimonial: Using Rentometer for Deal Analysis

Real estate is a roller coaster of emotions. In many larger cities and markets, it is very competitive. Rentometer will help review accurate rent estimations before buying.

3 Ways Property Listings Can Help You Craft a Better Rental Ad

If you're looking to rent out a property in an area that's already saturated with rentals, you know that you have to do everything in your power to make your property seem as attractive as possible.

Does Your Accountant Understand Property Investment?

It is crucial to find the right accountant if you're planning to invest in real estate. Hiring a professional will help you to minimize all possible taxes, decrease risk, maximize ROI, and optimize...

How Landlords Can Create A Win-Win For Tenants And Employees

One of the best ways to retain quality tenants in your apartments is to create a sense of community, a place where tenants call home and where they want to live with their friends and family.

Common Rental Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are some of the most common rental mistakes and how you can, even as a first-time landlord, avoid them completely.

How to Protect Yourself from a Tenant Lawsuit

The key is to follow practices that are fair, equitable, and responsible. Here are 10 things you need to do to avoid a lawsuit from any future tenants.

Evaluating Real Estate Opportunities in College Towns

Real estate investors all over the nation know that certain types of rental properties outperform others. Each type has its own set of risks, but a manageable long-term tenant can offset much...

A Property Manager's Must-Have Addenda to Lease Agreements

A property manager needs to anticipate how to deal with unforeseen circumstances and shut down any similar future problems in the future. This is where addenda come into play. Here are a few lists...

5 Mid-Year Updates to Consider for Your Rental Business

Despite the potentially busy season, this also a great time for you to consider a few mid-year updates that will improve your business for the next 6 to 7 months of the year.

How to Transform a Residential Property into a Tenant Magnet

An ideal location and price range help a great deal. But, they are just a fraction of what it takes to really tap into a steady stream of revenue.

Lessons From The Real Estate World: From Property Sales To The Corner Office

Realtors know their business extremely well, and they just may be able to give you a new take on yours as well. Learn more inside.

Why Contactless Rentals are the Future of Real Estate

As the country gradually reopens the economy, industries innovate fast to get back on their feet and survive in the new normal. For those in real estate rentals, deciding the next step for your...

4 Ways To Make Your Rental Listing Stand Out

Rental listing apps and online resources mean that renters can find your listing faster than ever before.

Strategies for Generating Property Management Leads

Generating leads is the key to growing a property management company. Reach the right property owners with these 10 strategies for generating property management leads.

6 Reasons Your Rental Remains Vacant

Rental real estate is an excellent long-term investment that can give you a steady stream of passive income. But the reality is, it isn’t as easy as it may sound.

How to Prevent Negative Tenant Reviews

Online reputation might just be the difference between your property management company getting chosen as opposed to another.

Three Key Elements of a Great Real Estate Investment

If you're like most people, you're investing in real estate to earn wealth. Ideally, you'll accomplish this with minimal effort and risk. Here are 3 critical elements of a great real estate...

The Busy Landlord: 8 Ways to Save Time in 2019

Time is one of the most valuable commodities, yet landlords seem to consistently run low on their supply, whether they’re driving around to meet tenants or spending hours fixing a leaky roof.

What Should You Have Put Together Before Applying for a Loan for Your Rental?

A rental property is a long-term investment that — when managed well — can become a reliable source of rental income. Unless you're paying for the rental property in cash, you will need to secure a...

Documents Every Landlord Should Keep on File

A lot of people think being a landlord is easy; you just buy a place and start collecting rent checks. That’s true, to a degree. But there’s also a lot of peripheral work that goes into the job.

Considering More Profit Opportunities For Your Rental

If you are looking for more opportunities to increase your profits, check out these methods for making more with your rental.

Rentometer’s Pro Tip for Better Rental Price Evaluation: Percentiles

Rentometer provides a variety of statistics that can help you evaluate your rental market and, in turn, help you set the rent for your rental unit. By understanding the rental rates and...

How Landlords Can Handle Long-Term Guests

Much has been written about the importance of getting your tenant to understand the lease agreement. By signing it, you both agree to abide by the contract and you both have a place to start when...

5 Steps to Maximize Returns on Your Furnished Rental

Here are five steps to maximize your return on your furnished investment.

How To Handle The Inherited Tenant

Be prepared no matter what by taking the proper precautions. When you inherit tenants, put in action the following important tips.

Career in Real Estate: Five Secrets to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Here are five of the top secrets to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Multiple Rental Properties: How to Manage Them Like a Pro

Managing multiple rental properties can bring in a sizable income, it also brings many hindrances and challenges that can sometimes be overwhelming. If you want to manage multiple rental properties...

Committing To An Environmentally Friendly Rental

The following are easy, actionable items that you can implement in 2019 to become a more environmentally friendly landlord.

4 Effective Ways To Attract More Applicants

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out these four effective methods for attracting more applicants.

4 Tips for Managing Multiple Properties In Different States

In our modern world, it’s easier than ever for investors and landlords to be in more than one place at the same time. Red-eye flights can be booked from your phone and face-to-face online video...

Electricity Saving Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

One of the most common concerns for many landlords or property managers is how to save up on energy and you can do it easily with these simple tips and tricks.

Challenges Facing Landlords and Property Managers Going Into Q4

2020 has been a challenging year for many industries – to put it mildly. Property management is an essential industry that had to make sweeping changes and adjustments at the pandemic's onset....

Does a Property's Age Matter for Investing?

This is one of the many great debates among real estate investors, "Should I buy or build a new rental property," or "Should I buy an older property and potentially renovate?" Let's dig into the...

3 Must-Know Tips For Managing Your Online Presence As A Landlord

If you are new to navigating the waters of marketing online, handling social media, and other important components of your online presence, check out these must-know tips for managing your online...

Setting The Tone For a Positive Tenant-Landlord Relationship

There are many ways to welcome your tenant into their new home. A “little something extra” doesn’t need to be fancy!

How to Finance Your Investment Rental Property

Owning a rental property can be a great investment, but you need to consider the financial side of things before you start house shopping. These are some of the more popular ideas on how to finance...

Tricky Things to Check Before Returning a Security Deposit

A security deposit ensures renters pay their monthly dues and follow the terms of their contract.

8 Rental Upgrades to Attract and Retain Long-Term Tenants

Many home renovations provide such advantages, but focus on these eight. They will produce higher levels of safety, security, energy efficiency, and tenant contentment.

How To Handle Showing An Occupied Unit

If you need to show an occupied rental property, check out these five helpful steps to ensure the process is smooth.

Being Prepared for the Tenant Eviction Process

The preparation process of an eviction is the most important. It’s what will help you get the power you need to get your tenants out as soon as possible.

How to Network and Choose the Right Real Estate Broker For Multifamily Investing

Early on, we learned that a Real Estate Broker is a vital team member and indispensable for your multi-family investing success. This article describes what qualities to seek out in a broker, what...

What Questions Do You Ask When Getting A Reference for a Potential Tenant?

Effective tenant screening is a crucial part of the process, and one piece of that screening pie is the references you get from a tenant’s previous landlords. Here are 12 questions you should be...

5 Simple Steps to Ease into Becoming a First Time Landlord

If you’re considering a leap into the landlord game, or if you’ve already taken the leap and are looking for some practical tips, check out the following five simple steps!

Why Landlords Should Consider Raising Rent On Their Properties

Raising the rent is an important component in managing one’s property. In order to run a successful business—whether you manage one property or dozens—raising the rent comes into play.

Energy Efficiency Solutions For Your Property

Here are the most trending solutions for your property that you won’t regret trying.

When Is The Best Time to Raise Rents?

Neither tenants nor landlords look forward to when the time comes around for a rent increase. But with the cost of living increasing year by year, landlords can choose to cover their higher costs....

How to Know if Your Tenants are Taking Advantage of You

Renting properties has become a more prolific business as of late. And if you have an empty home or apartment, it’s always better to have someone look after it for you and pay for utilities,...

Common Mistakes to Avoid for First Time Landlords

There are a few mistakes that new landlords often make which can quickly result in a loss of income.

How to Manually Calculate Your Property’s Cash-On-Cash [COC] Return

As a real estate investor, you need to understand all of the costs that factor into buying, fixing, owning, and operating a rental property. Without assessing these numbers, you won’t have a clear...

Rentometer Real Estate Investing Roundtable: Meet the Guests

At Rentometer, we wanted to know more as well. We’ve partnered with the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) to bring you a special Virtual Real Estate Roundtable. 

3 Situations When Renting Makes Way More Sense than Buying

If you're young and have been renting for quite some time, you've likely wondered if it's smarter to continue renting or save up to buy your own home someday. After all, we've all been conditioned...

How to Find the Best Rental Property For Your Budget

It is a difficult task to find an apartment, a house or an office that will satisfy all your needs, and at the same time, you will not have to give 90% of your earnings to pay rent.

Why Urban Planning Is So Important For the Big City Property Managers

Urban planning needs to improve cities regarding the environmental, social, economic and mobile issues as well as the city health outcome.

10 Essential Ways Landlords Can Scale Their Business with Property Management Software

From dealing with maintenance requests, chasing rent payments, tracking expenses and a thousand other small jobs, being a landlord can be overwhelming.

Setting Rent Prices on Types of Rental Properties

Setting prices on rental properties can be tricky, but don’t panic. Although you do have to set a price, rent prices are not permanent. As a landlord, you can always adjust the rent through a fair...

Pro's and Con's of Using Cosigners on a Lease

Some landlords allow cosigners while other landlords avoid them.  There are legitimate reasons to explore using a cosigner on the lease.  Let’s explore this further.

46 Ways to Increase Profits on Your Rental Property

We put together a list of tips to help you keep your rental profitable. By implementing some of these tips, you should be able to improve your rental value, and therefore, remain successful. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Your Property Management Company

Do you want to increase your property management company’s exposure and generate more leads? As a property management company, you can use YouTube to increase your exposure to landlords and...

How to Write an Effective Rental Ad

Whether you want to rent an apartment, an office or storage space, chances are that you are not the only landlord on the local market.

Want To Keep Good Tenants? Here’s How!

What is the secret to retaining long term renters? The answer lies in a variety of important tips. The following are the best ways to ensure you keep happy, responsible tenants.

How To Assemble a Renter's Resume

One of the most critical aspects of looking for a rental home is the impression you’ll make upon the landlord or rental agent showing the property.

How To Be A Great Landlord: Your Step-By-Step Guide

As a landlord, it is in your own best interest to do your job well. You can reduce the likelihood that you will encounter problems or issues with tenants by being a great landlord.

5 Time Saving Tips for Landlords

Become a savvy landlord and implement these five quick, easy tips to make your life simplified. Not only will it save you time and money currently, but it will help prepare you for future investments.

Must Know Tips For When Tenants Move Out

With your goal in mind of renting out the property again to another qualified tenant, the following must know tips will help you when a tenant moves out of your property.

5 Things to Try Before Thinking About Eviction

Eviction is the first thing that comes to mind, but that may seem a bit drastic.

5 Awesome Tech Upgrades for Apartment Dwellers

Here are five smart gadgets to help you ride the home automation wave in style.

Trouble With Tenants? Here’s Some Advice

The rental business can be pretty cutthroat, and if you go in unprepared, you’re probably going to end up getting burned. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Nowadays every aspiring homeowner is looking to find that one diamond in the ruff that will transform their lives and inspire them to fall in love with the neighborhood, the exterior, and the vivid...

5 Factors That Will Have an Influence on Potential Tenants

Attracting good tenants that are compatible with the place you are renting while giving you a good payment can be tricky. How can you do all that? Well, there are a few important factors that have...

How To Fix Really Bad Real Estate Photos

Really bad real estate photos can kill your listing and decrease your home potential market value. Learn how to take great marketing photos from our exclusive guide!

6 Key Characteristics That Make Up a High Rent Neighborhood

Real estate is a fascinating asset class for investment. It’s the only asset class that you can get so locationally specific that you can invest not only by city, but by neighborhood or even by...

Great Landlord and Property Management Tips to Start Off the New Year

Managing properties isn’t easy, but it can be easier. As you prepare for the new year, these tips will help you make renting your properties simpler.

How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Real Estate Investing

In almost any real estate market, you will find this business blooming. There will always be people looking for a place to live, so knowing the basics will soon turn you into a property expert. But...

Five Immediate Things Renters Want from Their Property Manager

To make your rental property a success, read on and consider these five immediate things that renters want from their property manager. Get right to the point of creating a home people will enjoy...

Everything You Need to Know About Relocating to a New Rental Market

Moving is stressful enough. For landlords, the difficulty of a move can be compounded by the learning curve of a new rental market and a new property.

5 Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property

Before buying your first rental property, here's what you can do to minimize your risks.

How to Identify a Growing Market or Neighborhood for Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing has always been about being in the right position to make the most of the shifts in supply and demand. Every investor has a different set of factors to identify an ideal...

How to Have the Best Relationship with Your Tenants

Being a landlord doesn’t require only a property to rent and tenants to rent that property to. Even though many believe that’s all it takes, to be a truly good landlord, you should do your best to...

Low Cost Procedures to Increase Your Property's Value

Here's a list of low-cost procedures you can make to increase the value of your property.

Thinking of Becoming a Rental Property Landlord

Being a landlord could be a very profitable occupation, the one that is also interesting and fulfilling.

Important Tax Tips for Landlords

There is no need to stop investing in the property in order to earn a profit when you can write most of it off against your taxable income.

The Dreaded Vacancy: Stabilize Cash Flow by Reducing Tenant Turnover

In the world of real estate investing, there are two numbers landlords consistently analyze: the cash flow their properties could produce in an ideal scenario, and the actual monthly cash flow they...

How to Prepare Your Rental Property for the New Year

In this article, we will review three ways you can plan ahead and set 2019 up to be a great year for your rental property.

Experiencing a High Vacancy Rate? What Should You Do?

Have a look at our tips on how to improve your occupancy rate for maximum return on your investment property.

Restore Your Property Renting Value After Bad Tenants

Some tenants do not feel the property they are renting as their own. Others simply have bad cleaning habits and no respect for other people’s belongings.

Signs a Tenant is Trying to Scam You

If some people would put as much energy into finding honest work as they do into perpetrating scams, the world would be a much better place.

5 Simple (Yet Important) Tips for New Property Managers

As a new property manager, there’s a lot to think about: marketing your property to find tenants, making necessary upgrades without spending too much money, and much more.

Top Complaints from Tenants and Solutions for Them

As a landlord or property manager, you will have to deal with complaints from tenants. It’s the nature of the business.

How to Become A Landlord: 23 Things to Consider

Our friends at SmartMove contributed an article on tips on how to become a landlord.

Hiring a Professional Property Manager for Your Rental: Pros and Cons

Just like everything else in real estate, working with a rental property manager has advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll have a look at them below.

Top Services Every Landlord Should Have in Their Back Pocket

Investing is something many hear about, but few do. Many don't realize is that there is a type of investing where investors can profit during market crashes and yes, even pandemics,— it's called...

How to Build a Financial Moat with Real Estate Investing

Today, many of us live in our own plain and simple financial castles that are much more vulnerable than yesterday's castles. Not only do our financial castles not have any moat for financial...

The Best Real Estate Negotiation Technique

Understand and master the use of time, and you can buy a property for thousands less!

Best Practices in Rental Business Copywriting

This article will go over some basic tips for writing an engaging rental post; you may find this especially useful if you have no prior experience writing copy for rental businesses or have no...

Better Protection for Your Rental Property

Many people don’t realize how important it is to make sure their rental properties are properly protected.

9 Real Estate Rental Staging Tips For A Great First Impression

Staging your real estate for new tenants can be overwhelming regardless of your experience.

How Tech Is Changing the Future for Property Owners

Technology is changing how property owners do business, how people search for rentals, and why people ultimately chose a specific rental.

What to Look Out for When Signing a Lease Agreement

A lease is a contractual agreement and as with any contractual agreement, it’s legally binding.

Tell-Tale Signs Of An Unsuccessful Landlord & What To Do About It

Check out these indicators, which may point to some weaknesses in your landlording and their corresponding tips for improving your success.

The Best Tips For Showing A Rental Property

If you struggle with property showings, check out these helpful tips for showing a rental property.

How to Write a Business Plan for Owning Rental Properties

A business plan is the most important part of owning and running any business that you aspire to engage in.

When Your Tenants Want to Negotiate Rent Prices

Every landlord goes through rent negotiations at one point or another. Either a great prospective tenant wants to negotiate before signing the lease or an excellent tenant wants to negotiate before...

Tips For Managing Tenant Turnover

Check out our five easy tips for managing tenant turnover during your busy seasons.

How to Determine an Apartment Building’s Value

Properly underwriting the value of an apartment building is critical to finding and making great deals. Generally, a bank will use three different ways to assess an apartment asset’s value.

5 Simple Tips for Managing Properties Remotely

Managing a rental property is tough enough work as it is. Trying to keep an eye on everything long-distance is even harder. If you own property out of state or at a significant distance from where...

Best Practices for Analyzing Market Rents in the Area

Whether you're looking to rent your property, it's a good idea to analyze the rents in the area. Understanding what the market is like before getting too excited over a price will save you a lot of...

Reasons for Graduates to Start a Career in Real Estate

Have you ever thought of getting into real estate after you’re through with your college? Many people do, and most of them find it a great option to start off their professional journey.

Determining Responsibility In A Landlord/Tenant Dispute - A Handy Checklist

We’ve compiled a checklist you can follow to help you understand, negotiate, and resolve your woes including determining which party is at fault.

How To Improve The Way You Communicate With Tenants

The following are the top communication tips for landlords.

7 Rental Market Trends to Know for 2020 (*Revisited in July 2020)

Today's landlords and property owners currently face a clash between rising rental demand, changing regulations, declining profits, and a shortage of affordable homes. Learn about the top rental...

6 Listing Details You Are Forgetting to Include

Keep these details in mind as you craft your next listing or update a current one. 

Rent Your Residential Property Faster and at the Better Price

Owning a residential property can be very lucrative. However, the market is full of attractive properties so you have to play smart if you want to rent it fast and get a really good price for it.

How to Set Rental Property Prices

Setting a rental property price is a difficult task for many landlords. You don’t want to price your rental property so low that you don’t make a profit, but you also don’t want to price it so high...

Legal Mistakes Every Inexperienced Landlord Should Avoid

There are laws that govern landlord/tenant relationships which if overlooked can be financially crippling.

The Hidden Costs of Selling a Rental Property

Whether you're selling your personal residence or your rental property, you may not be fully aware of all the expenses that await you when you do so.

Do Landlords Have to Provide Home Appliances?

According to the law, property owners are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations. For example, they are required to provide a written lease violation document.

Giving Property Managers and Millennials an Edge: A History of Rental Payment Reporting

Reporting rental payment history is one way to help create awareness about the significance of credit scores, while allowing each renter to build credit history.

The Right Tenant Is Worth the Wait

All property owners look at the return on investment (ROI) when buying or maintaining rental property. The ideal is a positive cash flow, a tax deduction, and an increase in property value.

5 Killer Tactics for Being Your Own Landlord

Being your own landlord and joining the ranks is as “easy” as owning a property that you lease out to a tenant, however, if you want to remain a landlord, you have quite a challenge ahead!

Mortgage Insurance: How to Protect Your Rental Property

Most banks are not too keen on losing money over foreclosed investments; however, administering house deposits is still a number one priority in the quest to keep funds flowing through the economy.

Tips on Choosing the Right Property Management Company

When it comes to choosing a professional property manager, you want to hire the best management company with good referrals and strong experience.

4 Things to Consider For Multi-Family Due-Diligence

The due-diligence or inspection period is a very important time when purchasing a property.

Using Rent Comparison Data to Make Better Rental Decisions

Setting a good rent price for your property can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. You have a general idea of what landlords are charging in your area, and you’re keeping up with that.

Becoming a Landlord? Why You Need an App

If you want to get involved in real estate, which is something most investors want to do at some point, you can do so by turning your current home into a rental or by renting out your house and...

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Rental Property

Are you ready to buy a new rental property? For some, it's an opportunity to make a fortune. However, like any other business, there are risks involved. If you want to make the jump before 2020,...

Can Technology Improve Your Real Estate Earnings?

In the digital era, the real estate world has undergone a significant number of changes and shifts. Even more, since we’ve undergone social distancing, “Safer-at-Home” orders and using websites,...

How to Build an Elite Real Estate Investing Team

Having a circle of trusted team members can not only boost your bottom line, but it can also boost your confidence and accelerate your timeline. So, who exactly should you get on your side?

How To Find Average Rents The Easy Way

Since 33% of renters will move this year, knowing how to find average rents as a property manager or landlord will help ensure you are prepared for your next round of vacancies.

How to Handle a Power Outage in Your Investment Property

Each state has a different time limit for completing repairs — follow your local guidelines. Even if you have 30 days to fix an issue, you shouldn't wait that long, or you'll have unhappy renters...

The Stress-Free Guide to Welcoming New Tenants

Get ready: peak moving season is here. If you own a rental property, your life is about to get pretty busy for the next few months.

8 Tax-Deductible Expenses Landlords Need to Track

When it comes to working out your tax deductions, what can and can’t you deduct? In this article, we explore 8 major tax-deductible expenses that landlords can take advantage of to minimize their...

Preparing to Purchase Investment Properties and Setting Rents in 2020

If you’re keen to invest in a rental property, but not sure where to start, we have some pointers on preparing to buy an investment property once you find one, and how to set your rent prices for...

How To Avoid Losing Money On Empty Rentals

Investing in real estate and renting property can be a great means to make money. However, there are a few times when owning an investment property can lose you money.