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September 26, 2016

A little extra in the very beginning goes a long way in a landlord-tenant relationship. If a tenant sees that, right off the bat, their landlord goes above and beyond to make them feel welcome, the tenant is more likely to want to show the landlord that they are equally grateful to enter this rental agreement. In this way, a simple welcoming gesture can indirectly encourage positive behavior patterns from the tenant.

There are many ways to welcome your tenant into their new home. A “little something extra” doesn’t need to be fancy!

For example, a hand-written, personalized welcome note sends the message that you are friendly and approachable as a landlord. Want to go the extra mile? Stock up the bathroom with a few rolls of toilet paper! As silly as it sounds, essentials like this are so easily forgotten by new tenants in the first few days of their move. Not only will this help them out immensely, but it shows the new tenants that you care about cleanliness!

Moving into a new home is a big transition, whether from out of town or across the street. A good way to show the tenant that you are there for them as their landlord whenever they might need you is by helping them facilitate an easier transition into their new home. If your tenant is new to the area, consider helping get them acquainted to the neighborhood. This might include guidance on necessities, such as where to locate some essentials such as grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacies, or luxuries, such as the best breakfast spot in town! Even if your tenant is a local, you can still help make their move easier.

Something as simple as offering them information on how to change their address at the local post office goes a long way; Advise your tenants that they can complete this process both in person at the post office or online. To go above and beyond, remind them to visit the post office again when it’s time to move out to prevent unwanted mail.

Show your tenant that you are dedicated to maintaining good communication and responsiveness as their landlord. Consider property management apps such as Rentigo as tangible evidence of your effectiveness as a well-organized landlord. Rentigo not only benefits the landlord by helping them organize their properties, but it offers tenants a way to pay rent through the app (manually or through autopay) and submit maintenance requests online with assurance that the landlord will receive the request. Everybody wins!

A warm welcome in the beginning of a lease goes a long way for keeping a positive relationship throughout the lease agreement. Whichever way you choose to welcome your new tenant, setting the tone from the beginning makes a huge difference.

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