Rentometer QuickStart Guide

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  1. How to run an address rent report
  2. How to run a neighborhood rent report
  3. How to run a zip code rent report
  4. How to read the rent report 
  5. How to run a 1-4 bedroom report 
  6. How to brand your rent reports 
  7. How to set / reset my password
  8. How to print rent reports
  9. How to share rent reports
  10. How to download a rent report

Rentometer offers our users the convenience of autocomplete. You may notice when you begin typing an address into the search field that autocomplete will recognize the address and fill in the rest.  When available, always click on the autocomplete address that the system offers you so that you receive the best search result.

Note: To ensure that autocomplete matches your desired address, please enter the complete address (no shortcuts). Make sure to enter directional details (i.e. West, East, etc.) and roadway terms (i.e. Rd, St, Ave, Blvd).

Correct: 13248 W Roscoe Blvd, North Hollywood, California 91352, United States
Incorrect: 13248 Roscoe Rd North Hollywood, CA 91352


Simply choose the State and City that you want, and then click on the neighborhood drop down to see what neighborhoods we provide for that area.  Note: Though we typically include most major neighborhoods, we may not include all. 

Simply enter in the zip code and remaining fields, and click 'analyze zip'.  Need help finding a zip code?  Use this zip code finder.

How to read the rent report

Use the image below to find your way around our rent report result.  Notice that you can share and print the report as well as download our data to csv/Excel.  Questions about reading our reports? Email us.

How to run a 1-4 bedroom report

Simply run an address report, but choose the '1-4 Bed Summary' report from the Beds drop down menu.

How to brand your rent reports

You can have us setup your account so that you can customize your reports with your branding.  That way, you can choose to run reports with generic Rentometer branding or your own customized branding.  Note: Custom Branding is a feature for Pro Users only.  Need us to setup your branding?  Fill out this form and we'll setup your branding, and notify you by email within 24 hours.

How to set / reset my password

The standard process for setting/resetting your password:

1.) Click here:

2.) Enter your email and follow the password instructions from there*.

*This will generate an email to you. Click on the "Change my password" link in the email and then enter the password in the designated space and enter it a second time to confirm it.  If you do not receive the reset email within a few minutes, please check your spam/trash folder as sometimes it gets caught up there.

How to print rent reports

On the result page, you will see a 'Print Report' link directly below the blue "Analyze Address" button. Click on the link to print your report.

How to share rent reports

On the result page, you will see a 'Share Report' link directly below the blue 'Analyze Address' button. Click on the link, and enter the email of the person that you'd like to share the report.

How to download a rent report

You can find the 'Download as CSV' link below the map on your rent report. Please note that this feature is not available for the 1-4 bedroom summary reports.

To browse additional support topics, please visit our Help Center.

Questions? Email us.