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July 18, 2019

In the digital era, it's more important than ever to incorporate technology into your real estate investments. This is especially true when it comes to listing your properties for rent since the number of households renting their home rose from 31.2% of households in 2006 to 36.6% in 2016. To make the most of the rental market today, you'll need to take care when posting your rental property listings online. Use these tips to help you succeed in the rental market using online rental property listings.

Mobile Matters

When first setting up your listings, don't underestimate the importance of rental property apps. The right rental listing app can help you reach potential tenants you might otherwise miss. Plenty of people will search for their next apartment on their phone, so prioritize mobile responsiveness whenever you can.

Picture Perfect

A first impression is seriously important when it comes to attracting renters to your property, so be selective with which pictures you post online. Keep them well lit and high quality - you might want to put in a bit more effort than your standard photo taken on your phone's camera. Don't ignore photos entirely either, since that's a sure way to drive renters away from your property.

Proper Prices

Pricing your rental correctly can be harder than you think. Too high and you'll drive away renters who can't afford the property, but too low and you'll be missing out on potential profits. Use a rent estimator tool to help you find the perfect price point for your rental property before you list it online.

Descriptive Details

In the same way that pictures can help sell your apartment, descriptions can as well. Highlight all the best features of your property in a written description, while also providing details about utilities, amenities, and other commonly asked-after elements of properties. This will help bring in the right renters and save you time since you won't have to consistently answer messages asking the same questions over and over.

The right rental property listings can help you bring in reliable renters who can keep your properties profitable. For more information on rental property listings online, as well as property reports and rent estimators, contact Rentometer today.

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