landlord rent calculator

Plenty of people are interested in investing in real estate, but not everyone has the experience to guarantee success. Becoming a landlord might seem as easy as purchasing a property and renting out space, but in reality, it's a bit more complicated than that. If you're hoping to invest in real estate and take the first step to become a landlord, make sure you avoid these common beginner mistakes that many first time landlords make.

Ignoring Maintenance

When you own a rental property, you'll have to invest in it more than just the buying price. Every property, rental or otherwise, requires maintenance, and renters are going to notice if you fail to manage maintenance appropriately. Keep up with routine maintenance, particularly for large appliances or utilities like your water heater. A standard water heater only lasts ten to fifteen years before corrosion attacks the tank walls. Budget for these extra expenses in advance to avoid profit loss later on.

Avoiding Technology

In the digital age, there's a seemingly infinite amount of resources available to landlords and renters alike. From landlord apps to online rental property listings and more, the twenty-first century has countless tools for you to use. These can greatly simplify the process of managing your property, and you should absolutely take full advantage of them if you can. Your renters will also be grateful for the convenience of being able to pay their rent online.

Pricing Incorrectly

Finally, while it can be tempting to price your rental as high as possible for the most profits, this can be a dangerous mistake for your investment. Renters will only move into your property if your prices are fair. Be sure to get a fair rent estimate with a landlord rent calculator before you put your property on the market. A landlord rent calculator can use rent comparison analysis to give you a range of rent prices that would be reasonable for your property.

Deciding to invest in your first rental property can be incredibly exciting, but many people make some of these beginner mistakes. Avoid these to profit as much as possible from your new rental property. For more information or to make use of a landlord rent calculator, contact Rentometer today.