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April 29, 2019
Tagged in: Tips for Renters

By: Meggie Nahatakyan

How good of a renter are you? Basically, it depends on many different factors that will make any landlord want you in their property. Landlords can really be picky and have very high standards when it comes to accepting tenants.

If you don’t meet the most common standards of tenancy, you will find it hard to please any landlord. Nonetheless, there are many ways you can be a good candidate for rental properties. Here are some proven strategies to be a dream tenant and snag any rental you want.

Create a Good Rental Resume

Applying as a tenant is also like applying for a job. You need to impress the landlord by showing him your assets and letting him know you have the qualities of a dream tenant. In your “rental resume,” you will need to provide necessary information such as your current job, your salary, and your rental history.

You may want to include the contact information of your current employer and your past landlords to show that you are confident and you are not hiding anything from them. You should also let your prospective landlord know if you have any pets as well as your reason for leaving your current property. Other important things that the landlord wants to see are your credit report, background report, and renter’s insurance, so make sure to include them in your resume. Remember that having a good credit report is an asset that landlords often consider when screening for potential tenants.

Make a Custom Offer to The Landlord

Some landlords allow tenants to submit a custom offer. Take advantage of it and make sure to give a great offer that the landlord can’t say “no” to. Apparently, landlords value money so increasing the security deposit or increasing the monthly rent can give you an edge. If you have a dog or cat but the property is not pet-friendly, you can offer additional payment for this. By offering things that will benefit the landlord, you will have a higher chance of being accepted among other candidates.

Things to Do as a Tenant

Once you ace your interview with the landlord and you were accepted as a tenant, it’s time for you to prove your landlord right that you are his “dream tenant”. Here are some of the things you have to keep in mind.

Pay your Rent

This is definitely the rule of tenancy that you can’t break. Pay your rentals on time, all the time and keep both sides stress-free and satisfied.

Communicate Maintenance Issues

If there’s something wrong with the property, let your landlord know right away to prevent future damages in the property. Of course, your landlord has the right to know what’s happening in his property and if you do it early, he can provide you with options to fix the problem.

Do Not Bring In Pests

Despite your busy schedule, you should always make sure to maintain the property well. Don’t drag any of the free furniture on curbs no matter how much you love their attractive laser inscribed details. They are probably full of bedbugs that can cause damage to the property. Always make sure your house is clean and free of pests.

Don’t Let Guests in Without The Landlord’s Approval

There are some tenants who accept long-term guests without the knowledge of their landlord. Don’t be this kind of tenant and always be honest with your landlord. If you have a family member or friend who needs a place to stay in, let your landlord know beforehand. Wait for their approval and offer extra payment for your guests, including pets.

Don’t Complain or Ask Too Much

Landlords certainly don’t like high-maintenance tenants. Before you rent the property, you accepted what it is and what it doesn’t have. Don’t complain too much and ask for things beyond your landlord’s capabilities. Remember that there are other tenants in the building and you’re not the landlord’s only priority. Hence, fix your problems on your own as much as you can.

Respect and Adhere to your Lease Agreement

As a tenant, you should know well that a lease agreement is created to protect both parties and you need to follow the rules that your landlord has set. You have signed the agreement so your landlord expects you to abide by it. To be a dream tenant, don’t do anything that will break the trust of your landlord.

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