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August 17, 2023

Rentometer Tools

Rentometer is proud to announce the official release of our Rentometer Tools platform. We’re on a mission to provide our customers with more ways to access our rent data while enhancing the application of it. The Rentometer Tools Platform is the next step in giving you the power to analyze your rental markets faster all while growing your real estate business. 

In addition to our Rentometer Pro web application and the Rentometer API, customers can use our tools to complete a variety of tasks including analyzing rent data in bulk, accessing rent comp data instantly, and generating leads for their business.

Rentometer Tools is only available with a Rentometer Pro subscription.

See What's Available

The tools that are currently available on the platform are:

  • Batch Processor: the automated delivery of rent statistics for up to 500 properties
  • Lead Generation: generate high-quality leads by offering business prospects a free rent report
  • Custom Branding: include your brand on all of your Rentometer Pro reports

Coming Soon

The tools that are currently in development and coming soon are:

  • Rent Comps: enter an address to quickly generate a list of nearby rent comps
  • GPR Calculator: calculate the gross potential rent for your portfolio using real time rent comp data
  • Engagement widget: attract and engage visitors to your website with a quality rent analysis
  • The Rentometer Directory: connect and engage with other rental housing professionals

Work smarter and faster with Rentometer Tools

Analyze your rental market faster all while growing your real estate business with our new tools.

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