October 19, 2020

YouTube video ideas for your property management company

YouTube Video Ideas for Your Property Management Company

Do you want to increase your property management company’s exposure and generate more leads?

Companies and individuals from many industries use YouTube to grow their businesses. The popular video-sharing site is great for content marketing and generating awareness in particular.

As a property management company, you can use YouTube to increase your exposure to landlords and tenants.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the best YouTube video ideas for your property management company. You’ll learn about the best strategies and approaches to content creation that can kick start your property management YouTube channel.

1. Explainer Videos

Educational videos perform well on YouTube. Many viewers are on the lookout for practical tips and knowledge about niche topics. As a property management company, you can create explainer videos and other educational content about rental properties and real estate investing. Check out the Rentometer Youtube channel to get inspiration for creating your own educational videos. 

While the term “explainer video” refers to simple, animated educational content, you can always choose your own format. What matters is the quality of your video, both in terms of visuals and content.

It’s important to appeal to the needs of your target audience. If you manage properties on behalf of third party owners, you may be interested in reaching more landlords. To do so, you can create videos explaining landlord-tenant laws in your area, provide tips for cost-effective maintenance, and share advice on maximizing profits.

2. About Us Video

Property management companies are made up of real people with passions, hobbies, and stories of how they got to where they are today. All of this is worth sharing on your company’s YouTube channel.

Successful property managers create long-term relationships with their clients. Trust is essential for these relationships to grow. About Us videos can foster that first impression necessary for building a relationship.

Here’s an example of a property management company that created a great About Us video: https://mccawpropertymanagement.com/

Instead of making a single YouTube video, create a series of introductory videos of your team. This footage is great for showcasing your property management company’s team members’ talent, passion, and knowledge.

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are effective at converting leads into paying customers. Use YouTube to upload testimonial videos that share your clients’ success stories.

You can also look to go further than the average testimonial video online. You could include footage from inside the managed properties to provide a case study. It all depends on how much your clients are comfortable sharing.

Once you’ve uploaded these videos to YouTube, you can embed them on your website, run an ad campaign to get them more exposure, and share them on social media channels. Video testimonials tend to work better than text alone because video can carry more emotion than text.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the testimonial video this property management company uses on their homepage: https://propertymanagementorlandoflorida.com/

4. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Videos

Let’s take a closer look at one particular type of educational content: FAQ videos. In this popular YouTube format, you pick a question related to property management and answer it in fewer than five minutes.

Duration is an important aspect. FAQ videos are all about responding to people’s actual questions and quickly delivering what they need.

You can still include relevant hooks in your FAQ videos. For instance, you could lead viewers to a designated landing page for your services. Or, you can entice viewers with a promo code or free consultation.

To get started with FAQ videos, create a list of the top 10 questions you get asked most frequently from your clients. Once you’ve created the list, shoot a video with the answer to each question. You can then upload it to YouTube and your website.

Having videos with the answer to your most frequently asked questions can save you tons of time. Rather than having to respond to each client, you can send them to your website where they can find the answers to most questions.

5. Property Listing Videos

Create property listing videos to showcase your available rental properties. There are many formats from which you can choose. A classic approach is conducting a walkthrough of the entire property.

The best value is in attractive videos that showcase the listed properties at their best. These videos will boost your property marketing efforts while demonstrating the property line-up to potential tenants.

6. Neighborhood Videos

Neighborhood introductions and walkthroughs provide excellent YouTube marketing value for property management companies. These videos serve the needs of prospective renters. Also, high-quality YouTube content about the neighborhoods where you manage properties may attract further attention to your company online.

Make videos that provide more than simple overviews of amenities. The best videos include the local community. You can interview some of the residents and talk to the neighborhood business owners for quality, personalized content.

Why opt for YouTube anyway?

YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing platform. A growing number of people use it to find advice and tips about the topics that interest them.

Getting exposure on YouTube will allow you to grow your property management business. Your viewers will be grateful for the quality content that equips them with the knowledge they need.

The crucial point here is to avoid a blatant advertising video. Focus on sharing useful or inspiring content. Then, find subtle and smart ways to collect leads. Direct viewers to a landing page, offer a discount code on management fees or collect emails to drive your followers into a sales funnel.

In a Nutshell: YouTube for Property Management Companies

YouTube could be a digital marketing pillar for your property management company. The rental market relies on visual images. Harnessing the power of YouTube by making engaging videos can land you more clients.

Always aim to create truly original content. Since YouTube has tight competition in most niches, it pays to upload videos that stand out from the rest.

Here are the best formats to use for property management YouTube channels:

  • Property listing videos
  • Neighborhood introduction videos
  • Educational videos: FAQs and explainers
  • About Us videos that show your team behind the scenes

About the Author: This article was written by Stephen Fox. He runs Upkeep Media, a real estate marketing agency. When he isn't reading about the latest marketing trends he spends his time with his family and playing basketball.